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  1. Fiesta Van

    Hey thanks oil burner that just about open up a whole load of possibility for me! It's just that when I look at a fiesta van compared to the car the car looks bigger for some reason :/
  2. Fiesta Van

    Sounds good, what's decat and a boost chip?? Do you just pick your bits up from here and there?? Is there no company that specialises in mods for fiestas etc?? Been looking at some bumpers and sides but can't figure out if an ST type kit would fit? What are the main things other than air filter you can do to make the thing go fast lol I feel I'll need an engine change ASAP hahaha
  3. Fiesta Van

    Hey guys. Just a few questions. When looking for a body kit for my fiesta van mk5 do I just look for a mk5 fiesta one? Are they the same size etc?? Also does anyone know any good places to get bits and bobs from that would suit this particular model of vehicle?? Going to slowly start modding it but I want to get my head around how low I can drop it and what types of look I can go for. New to all this modding believe it or now haha so any tips would be great, maybe point me in the right direction!! Sam
  4. Hey guys, thought I would join the forum as I maybe getting a fiesta van 1.4 tdci and I'd like a little help with finding places to buy bits and pieces for it in my area!! Hopefully you guys can help me in my journey into the unknown!!! I've just written my transit connect off so I'm a little bruise emotionally hahaha. Anyways hope everyone well!! Sam
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Knottyloxx :)