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  1. Happy Birthday BorisTheBuilder!

  2. Possable Solutions To The Fashing Orange Light Of Death!

    a friend of mind has suggested that i get my injectors checked and if need be, recoded/replaced as I've done over 180k. not only do i get the flashing glow plug light, but i also have an engine light that comes on with the fuel warning light when low on diesel!? *try keeping your revs bellow 3,100. I've found that stops the limp mode from activating on mine .
  3. Did you have (or do you have again) the flashing yellow coil light of doom on your mondeo? Was it (or is it once again) going into limp mode? I've found possible solutions all over the forums, but to save everyone allot of time and to try and consolidate things. could you post here, the age and mileage of your motor (when it went wrong), along with with what you did that was successful in fixing it and how long that fix lasted for? ;) thanks.
  4. Strange Clutch Slip?

    that's what i thought... but I've just read about identical faults on another post and i think its going into limp mode?
  5. Does Anybody Know ?

    hi. how you getting on with your fault? my mondeo is having exactly the same problems that you've listed?
  6. Strange Clutch Slip?

    Hi all. I've got a few problems with my motor, but what's bugging me most is the clutch. it feels fine on the pedal. biting point is about half way down. it pulls away and drives lovely... but at around 3400~3500rpm the clutch slips. if i depress the clutch and let the revs drop to idle, the clutch slip stops and its fine until the revs go back up . i also have the flashing glowplug light of doom! :( thanks.
  7. goin to become a daddy! :)

  8. Help Glow Plug Light Flashing

    hi fella. did you get the flashing glowplug light sorted? I've got a 53' 2.0 tdci 130 and having the same problem. so far I've narrowed it down to faulty glow plug, faulty injection (or injector control module.), fuel filter (or fuel pump) or the egr value...basically it seems it could be pretty much anything! i have found that i occasionally get the engine light flashing on for a few mins? no loss of power and turbo works? (although the clutch slips at 3500+rpm but pulls away lovely) [will be posting this problem]. cheers.
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums BorisTheBuilder :)