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  1. Also, could it be that the affected injector is partially blocked with the soft carbon deposits? seen as its at its worst on partial loads in a high gear. like its not getting enough fuel. would the engine flush help to rectify this? or an injector out jobby? Its going back to the garage tomorrow, see what they say. (probably hooked up to the diagnostics kit with no fault codes i presume) although they have old school mechanics so should be delt with (hopefully) if not, i shall be trying your technique before spending money on things that don't need doing....
  2. Thanks Leonard :) I also had a discussion/ drive with my dad, who fettled round with bikes as a young man said " feels like fuel starvation" which sounds like what you describe. No fuel filter change, with the wynne's engine flush, once in do you turn the engine over or let it sit? Thanks again
  3. Hi guys, i'm new to this forum and would like some advice. i have an issue with my focus 1.6 TDCI 2005 (62000 miles). under acceleration from roughly 1500 rpm to 2100 rpm in 4th &5th in peticular, i have a judder almost like the engine is struggling to push the car forward. i find this unusual as the engine is on boost and should be pulling.... also to add that this never occured before the issues as listed below. previous to this problem injector 3 had to be reseated due to a black tar like substence leaking out under the injector. AND the dual mass fly wheel has recently been replaced along with the clutch also. the judder is nowhere near as prominant as before the DMF was replaced. i have a few ideas such as: the DMF is incorrectly fitted, dirt within cylinder 3 causing a slight misfire, another injector seal is failing, the fact that the transmition is now as tight as a drum and this is how the engine actually feels at that rpm or my driving style is to relaxed?
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Timmeh22 :)