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  1. Halfords will do it, they charge about £40 and they do take power from the cigarette lighter. You can do it yourself with the kit they use as the kit goes through the tills at about 30p therefore you pay pretty much for just the labour. It will take an hour and a half on average for a competent employee to complete the job, however that depends on the car and the fitters level of skill/experience. Or you could try the people listed above, or car electronics as they are sometimes good. You will have to get another power lead of course to replace the one hidden behind the dash, and some of the wire will always be on show. Just thought i should mention that too.
  2. Dead badgers, they get everywhere!
  3. Also forgot to mention that 15" wheels will improve the looks etc without compromising the ride quality, as a straight swap they are the best bet because tyres are generally cheaper than 16's.
  4. It depends on the fiesta in question, usually 15's are ok on standard shocks etc, but you can sometimes go up to 17" without mods (not very often tho). Best to get yourself down to a wheel/tyre place and just ask what is recommended for the car, they should know and try and help. If you are going to lower it, then speak to a garage that'll carry out the work as they are best suited to advise.
  5. Yep i have had this issue, it is usually due to the heater control valve being blocked or seized. It happens on loads of cars and is quite a common problem. Although that might not be the definate cause it is most likely. The part from ford will cost around £40 but takes a while to fit. It could, however, be a blocked pipe going into the same valve, i would try ruling that out before spending any dosh on parts. If you flush out the coolant you can then disconnect the part in question and at least check it's condition, if you leave coolant in you will probably spil a bit into the bulkhead and have to top up/replace it anyway. If the plastic has weakend, as will probably have happened, then you will have to replace it anyway. If you still have the same issue after replacing that part then i would suggest the heater matrix or a dodgy switch unit in the dash. Hope that helps.
  6. As far as i can remember mine never lit up, but i could have had a blown fuse/ bulb. The best way to check is to nab a haynes manual or pull the clocks out and check the bulbs. Also look at the fuses first to see if any of them have gone.
  7. You will need a harness adaptor, an aerial adaptor (unless you have one with the Sony unit) and a fascia adaptor, they all differ depending on which year etc you have. Best check with a shop like halfords (speak to someone old looking as they should have a clue) or car electronics as they are fairly knowledgeable. The other alternative is to go to a specialist but they can be a bit weird if you just want their advice.
  8. There should be 4 small slits on the front of the stereo itself, you put the keys through there and push them slightly to one side and it releases the radio, sometimes they are a bit tough to pull out though so persavere.
  9. The spray tinting is illegal and says so on the tin (For off road use only), however most coppers won't pull you as long as the reflector is still clearly visable. I aggree with the earlier comment that you should go for smoked lenses as they look better in most cases.
  10. The lump that ford used on that car, either 1.25 or 1.4, was a zetec one. The same engine that is in the zetec-s, only it has a different cc, a blooming good engine, just make sure you use decent oil in it otherwise the bottom end could have problems. I had a 1.4 version myself, and they are quite responsive, i took a 1.25 out for a test drive a few years back and was well impressed. Possibly as it is the nippier 16v engine rather than the rather laclustre endura-e that is in the 1.3
  11. Also if the sidewall has ripped out of your tyre then, unless you were going very slowly, you'd have probably crashed!
  12. You do all realise that most new cars come with a can of tyre weld, or similar, as a space saving method!? All you have to do is connect it to a tyre and press, hey presto, tyre is good for a few miles again!!! Saves weight and space, as mentioned, also easier than getting dirty and changing a trye in the dark or wet! Just thought i'd mention it seeing as so many people have no clue
  13. I second that, when it comes to snow and ice each road will throw up different hazzards and no matter what car you're in you will experience some issues. E.G. I managed to get all the way home, only to find i couldn't get down my road, until i swept and used a spade to clear the road even with my amazing winter tires, whereas the r reg punto that came flying down the hill seemed quite happy to get down the icy hill and round the corner and it doesn't even have blooming abs. I guess some of this comes down to blind luck rather than careful driving and good quality extras. Would still get it checked out though for peace of mind, can't be too careful!
  14. Heater control valve probably gone, takes a while to replce but easy enough on a Mk4
  15. Ok then, i have been to a garage because i have run out of things to look for and apparently there is a kit you can buy from ford for about £50 that fixes this issue for the following engines; Endura Zetec Duratec Dunno what it's called, but as you have to cut into part of the loom i am leaving to the garage, all in for £100. I'll pop a post up to let you all know if it works.
  16. Sorry, i see you have you car down as the Mk 6. This is the link to the latest one that Haynes do; Haynes fiesta manual That can be ordered, if it is going to cover the car and engine, via the website or by quoting the book number to halfords. Should be the same price either way. Hope that helps.....
  17. Do you mean the brand new shape? Or the version before it with the bubble on the headlights?
  18. Right then, first off i will say hi, i am new to this particular site. Now for the fun part - My fezza has just started over revving, like a b%*$ard i might add, and obviously i thought it'd be the idle control valve. I have replaced this, with a genuine ford part, and still no joy. Now i then turned my attention to the plugs, leads, air filter, connections even the sodding accelerator cable which i cleaned up a bit and greased at the end in case it is snagging somewhere. All of this has come to nowt, and as i drive the issue gets more and more prominant! The symptoms are as follows; It starts to rev up when changing up or down a gear When depressing the clutch whilst travelling the revs build up The longer i am driving the worse the issue becomes, although if i turn the old girl off and on again it starts from the beggining (so it aint a problem with the engine getting hot) When idling at traffic lights/junctions it will now idle at around 1500rpm Any thoughts?? Apart from taking it to a garage tomorrow to see if it is air in the inlet system and stuff i am roayly stumped! Please offer any guidance you can.