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  1. Hi


    I am having problems with FORD and injectors, I have asked for TSB 2012, but they won't release it, any ideas how I may get a copy of this bulletin.

  2. Hey, Still no closer with this, my car does have air con but rarely have it on. The issue is intermittent however when its occuring I can replicate it due to the sounds I can hear. There is a noticably clunk and you can feel it through the steering wheel when you want it to replicate. Not sure if its the power steering pump or alternator or something else. Last week both my headlights had blown. I literally started the car and switched them on and nothing. Only had side lights, had to drive from Basingstoke to Southampton with fogs on gettings constantly flashed. Regards Allister
  3. My Eonon unit has been great apart from a few nigley issues. 1) When using sat nav and listening to my USB device attached the Sat nav will cut to the radion on station 87.7 i think, very annoying when driving 2) Again using sat nav randomly the music will dim even when there is no road names being announced. This is annoying as makes your ears go funny. Other than that its great, love the rear reversing cam, Sat nav is great when not doing the above. Love using my USB stick filled with music and Radio isnt too bad. Never use CDs/DVD's due to using the USB stick. Any ideas on the above would be great, i have tried the usual reset etc. Cheers Allister
  4. Managed to replicate the issue now, videod it with audio, listen at a high volume listen out for the pfewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww noise then i move the steering wheel and clonk the lights dim, then the pfewwwwwwwwwwww noise again n move wheel - clonk. Not sure if its the power steering pump, alternator etc. Any ideas
  5. Update from VOSA - 7th Jan "I can understand the concern far better now. The work has not concluded so there is not too much I can say. I know what the cause of the concern is. There have been no fires reported, only heat generated in a certain area. The Ford Safety Committee is meeting this week and the concern is on the agenda. So the conclusion, I hope, will appear next week." VOSA - 15th Jan "I can understand that it is frustrating for you not knowing the cause of the incident to your vehicle but I cannot divulge any information until the investigation is concluded. As soon as I can finalise the report I will contact you to inform you of the outcome. As there are still questions to be answered I am now hoping to conclude in 3 - 4 weeks." Cheers Allister
  6. Ford cant identify the clonk or replicate it. Going through headlights every 3-4 weeks.
  7. Hi All, Thought I would pop an update up. Finally had to bite the bullet and replaced all 4 injectors on Tuesday at Hendy Ford Winchester. I took Ford up on their revised quote of £800 down from £1500 as on the Friday before on the M3 in rush hour traffic went into limp mode 7 times, then on Sunday on the M27 did it 3 times in the space of 2-3 miles. I scanned it with F-Super2 and codes were all injector related so it had to be fixed, was getting dangerour. Since Tuesday no issues, no hesitations, engine malfunction etc. Cars driven lovely and increased MPG, was averaging around 42mpg before and since leaving Winchester I have averaged 49.5mpg which is pretty good considering im due a service and its freezing at the moment. I should also hopefully hear from VOSA in the next 2-3 weeks regarding the wiring loom complaint, apparently Fords Safety committee met a week ago to discuss the concern. Cheers Allister
  8. Hi everyone, Yes Ford fixed the problem by replacing 2 looms. The glow plug loom was replaced and also the main loom the joins off the plastic block where the glow plug loom joins. The total cost was around 500 quid. From memory the glow plug loom is like 20 quid but the main one was a couple of hundred. With labour, diagnostics and a few other parts was around 500. I will try dig out the invoice so if it has any part numbers. Vosa actually emailed me today. The had a meeting with Ford before Xmas and they have identified the cause apparently. Vosa told me no fires had been reported as a result however I'm sure I found a thread where the car went up. Ford are apparently meeting either this week or next and this issue is on the agenda so vosa should have am answer soon. Cheers Allister
  9. Any other ideas guys what this might be especially that knock noise that causes the lights to dim? Haven't managed to get it looked at yet. Thanks. Everyone
  10. It recently had a complete new wiring loom fitted in the engine bay due to the glow plug wiring loom melting and damaging the loom. Might get it booked in to quickfit and see what they say.
  11. Just to add with the headlights I seem to be going through bulbs like no tomorrow. I have had to replace both left and right around 3-4 times in the last month or 2. I have tried bosch, halfords, phillips all seems to fail which i assume is due to the dipping all the time.
  12. Hi All, I seem to be having an issue with my car which I'm not too sure about. The probem is that when travelling at low speeds even just rolling forwards in neatral in stop start traffic I can hear a knock or clonk and when driving with my headlights on your can see them dim as it makes the noise. This is making the car look as though im flashing the car in front its that noticable when it makes the noise. I do a lot of motorway miles in stop start rush hour traffic so notice it a lot. I have also recently noticed sometimes when starting the car from cold when i rev the car the headlights get brighter then as i let off the accellorator the lights dim. This stops after a few minutes. I have also noticed that the screen in the middle of the speedo and rev counter which displays the time and miles left before empty etc sometimes flickers behind the screen which again is fine when reving the car. Not sure if this is a battery/alternator issue however not sure what the noise would be that causes the lights to dim. Any thoughts or things to check would be great. Thanks everyone Allister
  13. Hi All, Just an update as I have been a bit quiet of late. A few of you had suggested changing where i fill up. Well i can tell you since changing from Sainsburys to BP i have had no "Engine Malfunctions" and about 3-4 tops hesitations which only happen when hammering the car a bit, usually 90+.... i know i know lol. This leads me to think the fuel seems to have some part to play in the problem. I have had around 2 months or so without any issues going into limp mode. I must have covered around 2-3K since and filled up at least 5-6 times from BP with out any issues. Ford have given up chasing me to find out when I want to take them up on their offer of discount as at the moment there is no way i would spend £800 on a car which appears to be driving OK. The car does seem to have a seperate issue which I will log in another post. Cheers guys Allister