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  1. Steve

    Happy Birthday Rain!

  2. Can someone explain what is the easiest option to tap to a ground. Is there a ground point behind the glove box or is there a loom or wire that I could easily tap into? I would appreciate any help.
  3. I have now installed the lights. Tested the lights with some temporary power source, all working and looks good. Currently the wires run to under the footwell on both sides. I guess my only real option is to bring the power from courtesy lights. Any good tutorial how to do this a painless fashion (it would be good to know which wires i need to tap into).
  4. I contacted the guy on FB page, so far no joy. Any idea how to contact bigmonkeymutz. I tried to find his profile here with no joy.
  5. I'm going for the shadow lights mod. I have my dad around for the next 5 days or so he will try to help me but we will need any extra help to make it happen.Does anyone what is the easiest option to tap into power source so when the door is being opened then the shaddow lights will come on. I know one option would be the interior lights but that sounds like a LOT of work so I was wondering if there is any alternative? There is bound to be some sort of switches either inside the doors or very inside the door frame. Does anyone have any ideas? This would be very much appreciated,
  6. Thank you for all of the feedback. This is what it reads on my tires 195/50R15 (as per photo below). As I understand the 195 represents the tire width, 50 is aspect ratio, R is for max speed rating with full load and 15 is the rim diameter (is this all correct, I did measure the rim and got 16", or is it because only the area that gets mounted is measured - Correct?) 9. If I buy alloys 195 mm wide, will this mean that I do not need spacers or do I need to figure out the actual rim dimensions? 10. Will 17" make a dramatic difference in appearance compared to current 15"? I wouldn't want to go 18" as I might get occasions where the car is fully loaded but I do want to get a bit of wow factor. I would be little bit sad if I spend some good money on rims and only get "meh..." reaction or even worse, not be pleased with it myself. 11. If I go with 17" what sort of aspect ratio I should then consider? 12. I'm thinking to go dark black rims (and maybe have some red on the outside rim). I am working on the interior lighting and its mainly red. I know its very individual but in your opinion could there be some other colours that could look nice on black. ref my previous question 6. Any idea about the cost and place to get it done. Thanks for all of the info. This has been great stuff.
  7. Thank you guys for the answers. Now I have few more questions. 5. How big alloys you guys have? 6. Can any place do the speedo re-calibration or does it have to be official FORD one to keep the warranty intact. Any experience regards how much it might cost? 7. Do any tire change places sell the alloy spacers? What is the rough cost of these (just an idea)? 8. What would happen if I won't tell my insurer about the new alloys? Thank you for all the answers.
  8. Lately I have been thinking about to change my standard Ford alloys into something more cool that has bit more wow factor to it. As I do not know much about alloy wheels I thought to ask couple questions before committing to this. 1. If I would go with bigger alloys, will this have some sort of implication to the suspension, is it more likely to damage my car, etc? 2. How big is the risk of damaging the alloys or the car when I go through some pot holes? 3. Is it hard to get rid of (sell) the old alloys and tires? Is there perhaps a place that buys them from you? 4. Anything else that I should really be aware before making the change
  9. Thank you Nath I do have some trim tools. Should I start from the top where the headline fabric meets the A pillar trimming and work my way to the bottom? Removing trimmings is always little bit nerve wrecking as its easy to break those clips. But you know what they say, no guts no glory.
  10. Hi How can I remove passenger side A pillar interior trimmings (Fiesta MK7)? I would like to minimize the risks of breaking anything so any advice is appreciated.
  11. I'm bringing a new wire (positive feed) from the fusebox to the back of the car (boot) and I'm little bit puzzled of which approach to take to route the cable in a way that it wont show out all and it would take me least amount off effort to get it done. All ideas are appreciated.
  12. Clever stuff. I was able to use a little bit thicker wire as a guide and then pull in the main wire. So for anyone out there its totally do-able. Word of caution though, getting those rubber tubes back on plastic clips can be a !Removed!! I spent about 30 minutes fiddling with them. Thanks guys EDIT: I actually decided to buy the puller rods as they are cheap as chops and may be useful with future projects.
  13. I didn't even think about that option. So this way there will be only a very small section where the wires would be visible/exposed? Do you have any photos of this. I went through your Badge guide but could not find a photo of how you brought the wires inside?
  14. So no way to access that area? Anyone ever tried to feed a stiff wire through this area to pull the required wires in? Sounds almost like an impossible task to me.
  15. Hi Does anyone know how to remove/access the panel as per photo below? I have already removed the inside trimmings of the boot lid and I can see some potential bolts that might hold this panel but I was wondering if there is more to it. Any ideas/experience is much appreciated.