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  1. Happy Birthday swampduck!

  2. hi all , just noticed that on my 2001 fezza turbo diesel 18 whenever i go at a raised speed over any distance (say 40 to 50 plus mph over even 1.5 mile ) the electric cooling fan kicks in . then when i slow down or stop at lights after 30 seconds or so it goes off . its not loosing oil or water , or mixing the two together , neither does it come on during normal town driving with my learners ( unless pushed on a hot day doing loads of 3 points etc ) dont think its running hot as my red cooling warning light doesnt come on and when i open the bonnet it doesnt smell hot and bothered . bit odd really , anyone any ideas ? should i worry ? oh its due a service now if thats it maybe ? cheers all swampduck
  3. hi shaun ,been down this road myself before ,many years ago . dont waste your money !! if its started with the old tin cancer , like in us humans , it ll spread . there fore yes, treat it by cutting it out and welding in panels , or cheaply by rubbing back , rust proofing and then isopon ,primer and paint . but dont spend your money on mods if the car will fail an mot 12 months down the line , use your money carefully , buy a newer car , and mod that , you ll get a good few more years out of it than a rusty old mk3 . sorry for the downer , but as i said , sin it ,dun it . cheers swampduck
  4. hey up , if your a complete novice dont try this yourself , it ll end in tears . if disregarding this advice , ebay , you ll get a clutch kit for maybe bout 50 quid , and a manual for a fiver or so , dont go into it blindly ,and most certainly dont use a second hand one you dont know its history , you wouldnt borrow a used condom of anyone now would you ? ;)
  5. hey up , assuming you ve no warning lights lit up ,ie, engine management , then start looking at the simplest things first. the missfire is "under load" as in when your driving , not just reving at the roadside , try plug replacement , even if the colour looks good , then leads , coil , etc . if no joy go along the possibly weeping head gasket or sticky valve ,damaged rings route, but i m sure its not that serious . cheers aidan <_<
  6. i fancy doing this mod to my 2001 flight diesel ,so i ll keep an eye on your post to se what comes up , did you buy them second hand , and was this the reason they werre sold maybe ? cheers swampduck <_<
  7. hi i very nearly bought EA54 PAS for my driving school kia ( easy pass ) as its great for advertising and is tax deductable as well . but thats gone now and i m back onto my trusty reliable fiesta mk 5s again . found a great one .. EAT 547T .. ( EAR !Removed! ) but at 15000 and driving examiners taking exception i thought against it
  8. jeez i m glad i just read this , i was going to take the binnacle out this weekend and see if bulbs had blown or whatever
  9. ta very much for the reply , gave it to me local garage to replace,who then informd me it had well and truly seized in the hub . anyhow they did it and old uncle festa is all nice and quiet again (well for an old deisel)
  10. hi all , due to a lovely droning noise that s slowly getting worse , i have deduced that my nearside wheel bearing is on its way out . now i m reasonable with a spanner ,and the good old haynes seems to make it look quite straight forward.but before i start with the big hammer and the swearing has anyone actually replaced one ? is it ok ,or a bit of a b#tch. just thought i d ask ,cause if its a bit iffy i ll leave it to me local garage to fettle for me . cheers all ,swampduck
  11. hey up all , my 18tdi has an annoying problem , every once in a while she starts to idle very quickly making driving with my learners a little ,well, hairy to say the least . if i turn off the engine , press the gas to the floor and release it , then re start ,then she s fine again . also if i put my foot under the gas pedal and lift it ( yes i know i m not supposed to do that , i was experimenting) then it starts its fast idle thing again . to me this seems like a simple yet common fault , but as i ve never owned an oil burner before ,i d like some advice before i have a good fiddle with her . cheers all swampduck :(
  12. hi used to use the 125 zetecs for driving tuition , once they got to about 60 thou they started to use oil , in some cases quite a lot , but check it every week and top up , ive had well over a hundred and twenty thou from these cars doing this , so long as you dont get big clouds behind you ,dont worry
  13. could be the clutch release bearing ,does it stop if you put your foot under the clutch pedal and lift it up slightly ? used to be a fault on the 95 to 2001 models
  14. i agree as a driving instructor promoting safe driving for life,i cannot condone such speeds.lol i can get there as quick as the next man , if not quicker by forward planning , simple observation techniques oh and by being skilled ha ! speed my backside
  15. you could always take the bulb out !