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  1. ! Guide ! Mk7 Dash Hidden Storage

    Haha, my bad. Cheers
  2. Fiesta - Hidden Storage On Dashboard (Under Radio)

    But won't that break the clip so it won't go back in? Also how come it's so stiff? I thought it would be a push in release device.
  3. Hey, I recently bought my '58 fiesta Zetec and was wondering about that panel underneath the radio on the dashboard. I've heard it's hidden storage (which would make sense given the position) but I can't seem to get it open. I can sort of wedge it open at the top corners with my key but I don't want to pull it too hard unless I break it. Can anyone tell me if it actually does open on my model or not? Thanks!
  4. ! Guide ! Mk7 Dash Hidden Storage

    I recently bought my '85 Zetec and have wondered about that panel. I've tried pushing it in but nothing happens. Might sound silly, but I've been too scared to push it too hard in case I break it. Is it meant to open or have you guys done modifications? thanks!
  5. Newbie, Hopeing To Stay..

    hey, I'm new here too. I recently bought a fiesta ztec '58. I managed to get that insured for around £1000 with admiral. You should check them out mate. Goodluck! Let me know how it goes!
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums The Festive Fiesta :)