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  1. Happy Birthday Euan1989!

  2. Rear Window Tint Damage

    Hi All, Really annoyed with myself just now, picked up a drum kit at the weekend (just squeezed in the back) and never noticed one was resting against passenger side rear window. Anyway got home and realised that the window tint has been damaged, the drum had been rubbing all day and has ripped a line in the tint and is very noticable. I did originally think glass was properly tinted not just film applied to glass. Anyone else damaged theirs and can suggest a good repair method, or is it replace whole window tint? Would have to go to Ford to get proper match to the rest of the windows? Thanks
  3. Haha never thought of that, could maybe strike up a deal with IKEA for advertising and make some cash on the side! :) Either that or Bananas in Pyjamas ;) Yeah think I will avoid now cheers guys!
  4. Hi :)

    HI Beth, Welcome, very nice car hope you enjoy!
  5. New Member.

    Hi Ricky, Welcome, another S1600 owner who chose the best colur ;)
  6. I am about to start saving to get my S1600 the mountune 140 upgrage and am wondering about the extras to go with it. Wondering if the yellow mirror caps and side stripe would look good on the car being performace blue, any thoughts?
  7. Fly Eyes Fitted

    Moses whats the light output like with this done? I cant see it affecting it too much but wondered if you noticed any difference at all?
  8. Picking Up S1600 On Saturday :)

    Hi dizzy, yeah apologies for delay in pictures but since getting the car i haven't had a chance to get it as clean as I would like for taking some pictures, hopefully will get a chance this week. I think you should go for it, I couldnt handle the white wheels would bug my happiness if they got dirty too easy!
  9. My Fiesta S1600 (134) Slightly Pic Heavy

    Looks very nice, great pictures! slightly jealous of the twin exhausts on show, mine is a 60 plate so exhaust pipes are hidden :( will definitely be a mod for the future i think!
  10. Poll on Fiesta Mk7 Colour Choice

    Definitely performance blue, not that I'm biased or anything :P
  11. Ford Fiesta Mk6 Project

    Brilliant effort mate, must have the patience of a saint! Can't wait to see the finished product!
  12. Hi guys, Picked up fiesta s1600 yesterday, car is 2 years old and realised when I got home a small part of stitching on the leathers seats has burst. Could I get this fixed under warrenty you think or would it be classed as wear and tear and they wouldn't do anything? Thanks for any help
  13. Picking Up S1600 On Saturday :)

    Well finally picked up the car yesterday and it's amazing! Very impressed and looking forward to owning it for a long long time! Will get some pics up soon
  14. Picking Up S1600 On Saturday :)

    Yeah I seen a few mentions of Meguiars products, they seem to be general favourite just now. A trip to ADSA and Halfords will be on the cards tomorrow before i pick car up on Saturday. Thinking about leaving it standard for while, will probably replace headlight bulbs / rear number plate bulbs for now. What are the cheapish mods?
  15. Photo Location Game

    haha great afternoon spent trawling through this entire thread! hopefully the game continues soon with some more great suggestions