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  1. Hi all. Hope someone can help, im after fitting instructions for a towbar for a saloon 52 plate focus, cant find them anywhere. Can someone help. Thanks
  2. Focus Zetec Auto 2.0L

    Hi all. Im a simple man. Ive always owned fords but i have a problem....this is pulling my hair out in a big big way. Please help.. I have a 52 plate focus zetec auto. Its a 2.0 with 72500 on the clock. I have had the car for 2 years. It has alwys had an oil leak.....a big one. But it i cant find it. And its pulling my hair out. I have changed the valve cover gasket....twice and changed the sump gasket. But after a run, smoke comes from the bottom of the exhaust. I cant find where it comes from, it doesnt do it when its parked up, the bottom of the exhaust, not the down pipe but the part that runs way from the down pie towards then back of the car is covred in oil, if stationary it will start to smoke from there as the oil is burning off. I cant find where its coming ftom as it doesnt seem to drip in my face as im looking at. It. I am having a mare, anything to look out for. Please please help. Matt
  3. Why does my zetec smell of burning oil?

  4. Focus Zetec Auto Burning Oil Smell

    Hi, I have a zetec 2.0 auto, the car has had a rocker cover gasket replaced as it was weeping a bit. Problem is when I open the bonnet I can see a misty oil smoke and a smell of burning oil, I cant seem to find exactly where its coming from but it looks like its behind the downpipe of the front exhaust, its a staright car with 67000 on the clock, are there any common probs to look for? Thanks Matt
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums mattlostatsea :)