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  1. My Story Yellow + Black

    Hi Kutoon, Looks good indeed. We do 'Yellow + Black' too - check the image below ;) and http://www.USA-cop-cars.com for more pics and info!!! We sell fully restored and 100% genuine ex-US cop cars and cabs all over Europe, complete with all the outrageous 'bells & whistles'. Happy New Year y'all!
  2. 4 Door 8V Sedan

    Hi JB, Not sure exactly what you're trying to track down, e.g. simply info or to locate a specific sedan/part/accessory, but I hope the following info helps (apologies if you know much of this already)! ;) The Crown Vic was built on the Ford 'Panther' platform which in the early 2000's included the Mercury Grand Marquis and Marauders, as well as the Lincoln Town Car (all offered as V8 4-dr sedans) We sell ex-civilian Crown Vics as well as the ex-NY taxi cab variants here in UK, and we exclusively import fully restored 2008-2010 cop spec variants too for sale around Europe. They're all fantastic cars - routinely running 300,000 miles+, with 20mpg+ fuel economy, and real head-turners. The cop cars - i.e. P71 'Interceptors' - share the same chassis as your F-150, and some of the civilian Crown Vic parts, but also feature an uprated (but specially silenced) V8 4.6L motor, plus a range of outrageous features which are normally only found on law-enforcement cars (check out www.usa-cop-cars.com/specifications/ for the full list)! We adapt them so they are fully street legal over here, even including the deafening sounds and fully operational lighting systems. Check out our website at www.USA-cop-cars.com for more info. If you can provide me with more info as to what you're looking for, we'll do what we can to help. Cheers.
  3. Newbie Looking To Get A Ford

    Hi Putridmocha, You want a Mondeo? Why not rebel and go for something really special - check out http://www.usa-cop-c...ales/index.html for a Ford which is outrageous, economical and unique! Cheers, InterceptorP71 PS Love your Username!
  4. Greetings :)

    Hi Greg, "Love big U.S Fords, and next to the ST soon to be an Explorer, but can't help it, love the ST mondeo )" Then check out a truly amazing vehicle - our Ford P71 'Police Interceptor' is now available in Europe exclusively from us here in Kent. Almost 18' long, 2 tons in weight, the uprated 4.6L V8 hits 60mph in 8.5 seconds and on up to 140mph, but with 20+mpg and a spec list that is simply outrageous! What other car has a fully street-legal PA system, stab-proof seats, spotlights etc etc? Full 15 months UK warranty, and you can even choose your own colours/markings etc. Check out www.USA-cop-cars.com for all the details! "Why Have Special, When You Can Have Unique!"
  5. Hi Folks

    Hi Newbie, "Ford had sold more of them (Transits) than any other model last time I looked, and they are (IMO) the company's best piece of engineering" That's fighting talk! ;) Check out www.usa-cop-cars.com/specifications to see Ford's best piece of engineering anywhere, ever (IMO)! Their P71 'Police Interceptor' has earned NHTSA’s highest crash test safety rating – 5 Stars – for the driver and front passenger for 16 years in a row (1996–2011), and is the only car which takes a 75mph rear-impact hit without the fuel tank going up in flames! Reinforced at the front for PIT manoeuvres, and sitting on a F-150 chassis, with heavy duty everything, it's so macho that it is only sold to law-enforcement Agencies in North America. 2 tons in weight, it has an uprated (but very quiet) Mustang 4.6L under the hood with 0-60mph of 8.4 seconds, and goes on to 140mph+. It has been so far ahead of anything else on the market over there or here that it has accounted for 85% of sales of cop cars, and over 19 million have been manufactured! Can anyone else suggest a Ford that comes close?!