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  1. Ac Issues

    Hi guys, Hoping you can help me out before I shell out another lump of cash. Two weeks ago my passenger window on my 56 plate decided not to go up again. While that was in getting fixed I asked the garage to regas the aircon as it wasn't as cold as I thought it would be. Get the car back and the ac goes even hotter again the next day. Take it back to the garage, they test, find all the gas has gone and gas it again. Valve stuck open maybe they said. No leak found in the test and after ac was running icy cold. Now it's just under a week later and I'm sure the ac is getting warmer again. What do you think it could it be? I'm not sure what to do. Any advice welcome! Thanks guys.
  2. Squeaky Brakes

    I've got drums on the back. It's the first car I've had in a while with drums actually. Don't think there is a brake stuck on, I haven't noticed a smell it anything coming from it. Squeaking seems to come and go now too. I've got it booked in for a service and mot now :)
  3. Squeaky Brakes

    Oki doki, since I've got a serious lack of tools and stuffs I'll wait till the service and mot checks next month. It def doesn't sound like scraping. Thanks guys
  4. Squeaky Brakes

    Hi guys, Just wondering if I can ask you about the squeak coming from my brakes. I've done a couple of long runs recently and noticed that only when I'm braking I'm getting the squeak. Had front disks and pads replaced in sept and have only done around 4000 miles since then. Could it be the back ones on their way out or something else? Thanks :)
  5. Headlight Rant

    Cheek! That will be a product from Engurlundshire for sure! :)
  6. Headlight Rant

    Is that like rola cola, cheap rip off...... 5p for 10lts lmao
  7. Headlight Rant

    Lol I'm stumped at what the Welsh lady alternative celebration drink would be! Cuppa probably!
  8. Headlight Rant

    Hehe yeah, it didn't beat me did it ;) I should celebrate with some manly irn bru!
  9. Headlight Rant

    Lol yeah that bottom screw is a pain but it was getting the unit out I found tricky. Don't even get me started on putting it back in!
  10. Headlight Rant

    Can someone tell me why the headlights are so hard to change on the m6.5? Am I doing something wrong? That unit is a bugger to get out! Grrr!
  11. Water In Rear Door

    Hi guys, Just opened the back drivers side door and water started coming out of the two little holes at the bottom. I could see they were full of crud (dunno how) so I got something to poke in the holes and water started pouring out! There was enough to make a puddle on the floor. I cleaned out the holes, let it all drain out and squirted some wd40 in there. http://s1322.photobucket.com/albums/u576/squistle/?action=view&current=20130207_115625_CyttirRd_zpsa5ffc5f3.jpg Is that enough to sort it? Is there a prob that causes water build up? Sorry to be a pain :)
  12. Lost Key

    Well 100 quid is better than nothing I guess. Get a quote from the dealer and from a reputable auto locksmith too :)
  13. Lost Key

    If you have lost it outside someone could have picked it up and quite easily come back to take your car. Not even sure if insurances would cover that kind of theft. I would ask the dealer if the immobilizer could be recoded for your blank key and have it cut as a minimum but they could still get in to the car itself using the key. Have you got lost key cover on your insurance?
  14. Locked While Running

    Yeah I'm pretty sure you can do what you like with your own car on private property. I would love remote start, most new American 4x4s and suvs have it now as an option. Not sure about European markets though.
  15. Locked While Running

    Good, I'll have to give it a run for a bit then. Used to take the fob off my explorer key and lock it while running but obviously the fiesta one is built into the key lol. Thanks for the reply :)