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  1. Mathrin

    Ecoboost 1.0T Mpg & Ecomode Owner Results

    Personally, since I switched to Shell petrol, I refuse to go back to supermarket stuff. ~I've seen a minimum 3mpg increase from the switch, and if I go for Vpower, its more like 8. Goes to show that a couple of extra pence is actually worth it.
  2. Mathrin

    Accident Damage

    Pretty much :) Authorised Repairers will do an Audatex report, auth if it's under 66% of total value of the car, invoice over a shell to the insurer and the claims support team will issue payment.
  3. Mathrin

    Accident Damage

    Depends how they died. Any blood drops in it make it Cat A due to biohazard to potential future ursers. and to confirm what was already said, CatC means it needs a VIC check done once its repaired for anti fraud measures and as a mini MOT. Any Vosa station can do it, takes about 30 minutes. If you retain a CatC total loss, you'll be issued the paperwork by the insurer, but expect to lose a large chunk for the TL payment that we'd get for scrapping the vehicle.
  4. Mathrin

    Heated Mist Jets

    Is there much benefit to mist nozzles as opposed to the standard jets I have on mine?
  5. Mathrin

    Lost Key

    Basically the car is insecure, any theft can be potentially repudiated by the insurer if they find out you've lost a key and not got a locks change. It does vary though - I know we removed the stipulation that in order to fund a lockset there would need to be identifying material on the keyring, as it's an unfair policy term, but some insurers to still stipulate this. As I've said with all claims questions prior - always let the insurer know the situation and take their advice on the matter. Record every call with them, take names, take numbers, take departments. We record all your calls as per requirements from the FSA so I encourage you to do the same with us. End of the day, insurers administer policies and should know them off by heart if they're a competent handler.
  6. Mathrin

    Pausing Cds

    Perhaps its just the upgraded DAB radio, but when I press mute it pauses it.
  7. Mathrin

    Fiesta 1.4 Petrol Bad Mpg

    1.4 and I get 300-340 depending on the sort of driving I do. Mainly to and from work which is about 8 miles a day with the fasted road being a 50.
  8. Mathrin

    Follow Up On Stolen Car

    Purchase receipt is the big one on this. Proves all added extras you've got in there that they may be able to increase for. Unfortunately I'm on a week off at the moment, so couldn't tell you the ranges that GVA would give for a vehicle of that age til Monday at the earliest :/
  9. Mathrin

    Goodbye Fiesta Van

    If there's a structural damage it's deemed a Cat B "Beaker" there and then, cosmetically it can look fine.
  10. Mathrin

    Gear Change Ratios On Petrol Version

    I must admit, I've found lower gearing far too close together. The speed that you need to shift 1st to 2nd to 3rd is too fast for me to do without over revving. I admit I'm trying to make a swift departure from the mark, but I'm not talking boy racer wheelspin here. I agree with the need for a 6th gear too, 3-3.5k in 5th doing 70 doesn't sound fantastic when driving :/
  11. Mathrin

    Photo Location Game

    To be fair, It was my parents old car, Mother bought a new Fiesta, then I decided I wanted one too and part ex'd the corsa for the Fiesta. It was such a good move.
  12. Mathrin

    Photo Location Game

    And to think, I drove around in a Corsa for months before getting my Fiesta...
  13. If it's a Helphire case, they'll likely have used Acorn Assessors to have a look at the vehicle for you, which basically gives a report saying over 66%, awaiting your instruction. Admiral are largely decent to work with, I've only ever had one problem with them one of of my total loss cases - a fiesta that they wrote off that I was adamant wasn't a write off. Otherwise they have been perfectly reasonable. Good job really seeing as I insure with them myself! As for "how many people does it take to sort a claim". You got it easy :P Insure with Marks & Spencer and you have to report it to them, to Minster Law, to Drive Assist and then to my place that underwrites the policies. Then if you have injury there's a solicitor to report the claim to... It's not as simple as everyone seems to believe. Complete ballache for us too! Albany are the same company as HelpHire by the way. Same address and bank details. As far as that advisory goes, there is the potential for an insurer to knock a bit off for it, but largely if it's only an advisory they wont bother. If you didn't have an MOT at all, expect a 15% cut in the Pre accident value. Hazarding a guess from those GVA figures, I'd suggest you'd be offered around about 1.400-1.600
  14. Mathrin

    Spare Tyre For New Fords

    When I bought my Fiesta, they wanted £95 for a 15" spare wheel...when I have 16" alloys on it.
  15. Anything over 66% of the vehicles Pre accident value = Write off. Cosmetic is cat D Salvage is Cat C Breaking for parts is Cat B Burnt husk/physically dangerous to anyone around the vehicle is Cat A. By the sounds of things, I'd suggest it's a Cat D writeoff from what you have said Jeska. 66% is absolute borderline, I write off as Cat D anything from 66-70% of total value unless the indi engi has raised any further problems. Depending on who you insure with, depends which guide is used for your valuation. We use Glasses, and go for mid book with milage and damage adjustments. From what you've said there is likely some PAV adjustment to be made for damage to wheelarch, but likely some to be added for mileage as thats low for a 53 plate car. Avg is roughly 12k per year, anything more and it's deducted. If you have a valuation dispute, get examples of your EXACT car from autotrader, send into insurer and they will look to raise. Atleast thats what we do. You've been had when they say CC needs to be back 7 days after they post the cheque. GTA ABI states that the client must be taken out credit hire no longer than 7 days after the client receives the cheque. Its a right thorn in my side. Who provided the car for you out of interest? Drive Assist/Enterprise/Albany Assistance?