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  1. 6 seater RS?

    Just goes to show that the mk3/3.5 focus has a superb boot.
  2. Hi m8. I think you'll get a better feedback if you post this in to the mk2 focus sections. Don't ask as I don't know how to move a post.
  3. Mobile app. Has it ended?

    Well I've just downloaded the app again and it can' be opened because of tapatalk. Oh well. I'll keep on trying.
  4. Mobile app. Has it ended?

    Thanks for your input Clive. Jonro I wasn't on about the tapatalk app but the FOC app itself. Nice one Steve. I'll have a go at really downloading the app. Fingers crossed.
  5. Mobile app. Has it ended?

    His Clive. If the app hasn't been supported or updated in Three? Years then how come it doesn't work? I've been on TalkFord longer than on here but that has ended coz tapatalk isn't supporting it. When the FOC app is opened it just states a 404 error. Can you either find out or direct me to where I can get an answer? The mobile enabled site is very good and almost identical to the lexis forum I'm on. Your effort is duly appreciated.
  6. Mobile app. Has it ended?

    What' happened to the mobile app? Has it ended because tapatalk won't support it anymore?
  7. What mods for 1.5 tdci 120ps focus

    When I was looking at tuning my mk3 1.6 diesel that I had I found that there were 3 different ways to tune the car. 1 was via a tuning box plugged into the end of the fuel injection tube (a real pig of a job but a few find it easy God only knows how tho). 2 a method like blufin which goes via the OBD 3 a proper remap where the ECU has to be removed so that it can be opened up to reach a part of the board not accessed via any socket or similar. This also disabled the recording part of the ecu where it records everytime something is done to it. Method 3 is the best and is the only choice of professionals. At the end of the day tho it's up to the individual and costs. How did I tune my focus you may wonder. I chopped it in for a mk4.5 mondeo titanium x sport ecoboost. Worth every penny.
  8. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    Well done you and congrats on your new job. Don't suppose you'll be using that mechanic again eh?
  9. Things I Do Like

    I guessed that Lenny lol
  10. Things I Do Like

    I believe the ducks that Chinese use are a different breed to the ones we have here. They use a bigger bird and they're specifically bred. Info comes from a Chinese wholesalers I deliver to. But as I stated that good deed was about 18 years ago.
  11. Things I Do Like

    Stopping for a cat eh. That reminds me a good number of years ago I stopped my truck to let a duck and her baby ducklings cross a very busy road. Some things we do ay!
  12. Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    Norway Spain almost the same lol. Yup I sit corrected. I blame my naff memory.
  13. Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    Has anyone seen the article of a guy in I think Spain who has done near 80k miles in his car running it as a taxi? The car is an 18 month old Focus RS.
  14. Things I Do Like

    You should have bought the tempered glass cupboard tops from ikea Lenny. £9 each isn't bad and they're slightly smoked.
  15. Hi all

    Your car looks superb and an excellent tribute to Antonio.