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  1. Wow. Just goes to show that looking after your car then it will look after you. I'm not much on this forum as it's really Focus based which is great but I'm a mondeo man lol so any time spent on forums goes to another Ford based forum which is mondeo based. Keep up your good work pal. You are indeed one of the very best on here.
  2. Whey hey blast from the past. Thanks Lenny. One wonders if you still have the mk2 focus kitted out. I'm 3 lexus and on 3rd tit x sport mondeo since my mk3 focus lol.
  3. Wow can't believe I've just read a thread started in 2012. Blimey. Mind you one of the best threads and very helpful.
  4. I'm on my 4th mk4/4.5. 1st was a 140bhp mk4 diesel which was poor. Around mid 30''s. Near upper 30's after a remap. 2nd a 2.2 tdci manual txs. That was mid to high 30''s. 3rd was the ecoboost txs. Currently on the auto 2.2 tdci txs. High 30''s and a few times low 40's. Be happy with what you've got and getting. That 2.0 litre diesel engine is tuned to almost it's limit so you'll not get quoted figures unless you drive it like Miss Daisy.
  5. To get the code you have to have the units serial number (found on the right side of the unit after you've removed it) then look online and find one of the firms who will give you the code. Will probably cost a tenner.
  6. Yes got it fixed by the local dealer and no more buzzing.
  7. Hi malc. I've just read your thread. Have you got a mondeo now? If not then I can answer a couple of your questions. Yes the 2.2 is a little noisier than the 2.0. I've had both btw. The 2.2 is stonking compared to the 2.0 and will pull a caravan with ease. The mk4.5 is the one to go for. The mk5 is pants by comparison and quite a number of owners who went from mk4.5 to mk5 have regrets. The mk4.5 titanium x sport looks superb and I thoroughly recommend one. I'm on my 3rd and love them. And the boot is huge.
  8. As long as the rolling radius of either the 18" or 19" is the same as that of the 16" (wheel with tyre on) then there's no problem with any settings. The only thing you'd notice is ride quality. On your 16's ride will be softish. On 19's you'll feel things like pot holes more.
  9. Since your car is a 2007 I suggest look on YouTube on how to get code from ford radio. There is a video showing how to get it. This video does Not work with the satnav type radios as I found out recently.
  10. Is yours definitely the power shift box? I have the 2.2 diesel auto but it has a torque convertor box.
  11. Saw the new fiesta ST today. What a stunning looking car. Yes I like it.
  12. I really like that last Wednesday I shocked my employer with my resignation. The resignation letter unlike the 1st one 2 years ago was totally blasting him for his crap. Started a new job today and only a 17 min walk .
  13. The new focus looks very interesting in that short tempter clip. Must look at what engines ford will put in it. They should introduce hybrid in my opinion.
  14. Simply go for Fords premium speakers as fitted to titanium x. They'll be Sony types with a better speaker cone construction. The ones in your zetec s will be paper construction. The premium ones will also suit your headunit better.
  15. I take it you have the mk3 focus? If so the engine is Not like the one in a 2006 fiesta. It's a well improved engine. If your journeys are short then make sure you give it a good run at speed once a week. That'll help the DPF. Otherwise enjoy it and get it serviced regularly
  16. The thing I miss most about the good ole days is just how little traffic there was then. Being able to drink a gallon of ale and still be able to walk straight and still have money left over. My motorbikes and how I could loone everywhere lol. There's more but they've already been stated above. What a damn good thread this is. A proper one that brings a smile and snigger. Good call Nik
  17. Hi Shiv. I've had the mk4 2.0 diesel. I hated it till I had it remapped from 140 to 170 horse. The economy got better but struggled to better 40mpg. I drive realistically and not to be economic. I've also had the mk4.5 tit x sport 2.2 diesel and 2.0 ecoboost. The 2.2 pulled like a train and flew. I never got near 40mpg and my trips were a 8 mile commute to work and once a week a 35 mile trip visiting. The 2.0 ecoboost brilliant but economy was low 30''s. I drive probably as you would so my figures are true and realistic. However if you drive frugally then you could add 7 to 10 mpg on my figures. Why a large car like the mondeo ? Haven't you considered the brilliant Focus?
  18. Just goes to show that the mk3/3.5 focus has a superb boot.
  19. Hi m8. I think you'll get a better feedback if you post this in to the mk2 focus sections. Don't ask as I don't know how to move a post.
  20. Well I've just downloaded the app again and it can' be opened because of tapatalk. Oh well. I'll keep on trying.
  21. Thanks for your input Clive. Jonro I wasn't on about the tapatalk app but the FOC app itself. Nice one Steve. I'll have a go at really downloading the app. Fingers crossed.
  22. His Clive. If the app hasn't been supported or updated in Three? Years then how come it doesn't work? I've been on TalkFord longer than on here but that has ended coz tapatalk isn't supporting it. When the FOC app is opened it just states a 404 error. Can you either find out or direct me to where I can get an answer? The mobile enabled site is very good and almost identical to the lexis forum I'm on. Your effort is duly appreciated.
  23. What' happened to the mobile app? Has it ended because tapatalk won't support it anymore?
  24. When I was looking at tuning my mk3 1.6 diesel that I had I found that there were 3 different ways to tune the car. 1 was via a tuning box plugged into the end of the fuel injection tube (a real pig of a job but a few find it easy God only knows how tho). 2 a method like blufin which goes via the OBD 3 a proper remap where the ECU has to be removed so that it can be opened up to reach a part of the board not accessed via any socket or similar. This also disabled the recording part of the ecu where it records everytime something is done to it. Method 3 is the best and is the only choice of professionals. At the end of the day tho it's up to the individual and costs. How did I tune my focus you may wonder. I chopped it in for a mk4.5 mondeo titanium x sport ecoboost. Worth every penny.
  25. Well done you and congrats on your new job. Don't suppose you'll be using that mechanic again eh?
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