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  1. @bigdaddybunce @boxnationtv The mayweathers especially when they started brawling with Judah during their fight

  2. Malinga just got waloppped by Samuels, he will be having nightmares for months #bbccricket

  3. Just a reminder for india fans pakistan beat india in the warm up match so guess that makes us even #bbccricket

  4. Evry1 blaming Ravi, atleast he bowled well, what about the rest of the batsman? Bairstow has been terrible the whole tournament. #bbccricket

  5. Hi just had a look at the spare tyre in the boot and noticed there wasnt a car jack. Is the car jack stored anyone else in the focus? Ford Focus 2003 1.6 Zetec Thanks
  6. Dont know if its just me but this 20/20 doesnt have the right feel about it. No atmosphere, empty stadiums in most matches #bbccricket

  7. these idiots are just reading off the screen ( @ltktv live at http://t.co/mJuhADzS)

  8. Thanks for the replies guys, i think ill leave it as it is for now. Anyone know how much the sensor could cost to repair?
  9. lol thats bought my worries back now. Could the warm weather be making the temp gauge to go to the middle on startup? I notice your in Scotland but here in birmingham the weathers been quite hot in the last few days so maybe the engine is quite warm already before driving?
  10. Cheers for that mate, its put my mind at ease
  11. Hi ive got an 2003 Ford Foucs Zetec 1.6. As soon as i start the car the temp gauge is in the middle. It stays in the middle throughout the journey. Is this normal? When the car is off the gauge goes down like normal. Thanks
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums adam7862 :)

  13. can u bring back more mw2 maps? Highrise, Rust, skidrow and karachi plz