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  1. Happy Birthday Hix 10!

  2. Serious Help Required!!

    Thanks mate that's really helpful. Just been to wickes but they don't have any in , so ordered one on line so hopefully be here in ages days.....I've out it back together for now and am giving it one almighty clean, polish and seal! Thanks again buddy
  3. Serious Help Required!!

    Hi stoney Really appreciate your quick response.....Ive just had a quick look at pop rivets on line as dont have a clue!! that would make total sense....what a pain! Hopefully my local wickes store stocks them....ill give it a go!!!! Thanks once again .....fingers crossed I don't wreck the car!!! Cheers
  4. Serious Help Required!!

    Hi guys, so my wife has decided to reverse her great fiesta mk7 titanium into a post for the second time in 6 mths!! The first time was done through insurance and the second by mate who works in body shop. Anyhow it's been reprinted a d looks great, however I have noticed that the small grey plastic wheel arch trim that flares out.....don't know the correct name sorry!.......has snapped off!! I have a new one and am totally perplexed how to removed the screws that hold it on! The piece goes all the way behind the bumper and is held on by 3 of these strange screws which are metal. I've attached a photo of one of them and hope one of you guys can help me out!!! I'm sooooo frustrated with it and have no ideas how to remove them! Any help would be very much appreciated !! Thanks
  5. New Owner Fiesta Titanium

    Thanks stoney871 that's great....odd that there is no cover on the footwell light cover there? Oh well, thanks for letting me know :)
  6. New Owner Fiesta Titanium

    Thanks guys....I guess time will tell! I'm abit disapointed it doesn't have the USB port, but the Bluetooth function and folding mirrors are awesome!! I've seen some stainless steel doir sill protectors....gonna get these as they only stick on and look really nice. Anyone done any other discrete mods?
  7. New Owner Fiesta Titanium

    here's another...
  8. New Owner Fiesta Titanium

    right, here goes...hopefully below are photos of my new car!
  9. Hi guys, well yesterday I picked up a 2009 fiesta titanium 1.4. Really happy with it as it has full ford history and has only covered 17k miles. It's mainly for my wife but with all the cool gadgets on I may try to sneek a few drives!! I gave it a good clean and going over yday and noticed one thing.... The lighting in the driver footwell has a bulb without a cover... Do you know if it should have one? I'm sure it should?? I'll upload some pics although a bit difficult from iPad!!! Thanks guys Paul
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Hix 10 :)