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  1. Bluetooth Retro Fitting. (Again)

    I think I will be going down the Parrot route. Less grief in the end. Lol.
  2. Bluetooth Retro Fitting. (Again)

    I have a module and part loom and this grey plug is part of the loom. Its a mk3 Mondeo so the module fits below the heater. I'm beginning to think this plug might be part of the satnav loom that I dont really want or need.
  3. Bluetooth Retro Fitting. (Again)

    I guess it's not there. I've had the whole centre console out from the top vents to the gear surround. Can't find a thing. ETIS says the BT/VC interface is there but the other end of this connector ain't there.
  4. Can anyone tell me where I am likely to find the connector behind the dash for this plug? Its part of the loom for the bluetooth module I aquired from my local scrappies. I have been searching for ages but can't find the connector. I believe, if it is there, that it could be taped up somewhere but I cant find it.
  5. Custom Heater Controls.

    You're most welcome. They certainly make a difference.
  6. Custom Heater Controls.

    Thanks for the interest fellas. Item now on its way to Turvey who was the first to PM me yesterday.
  7. Custom Heater Controls.

    Hi guys. Having recently changed cars from Focus to Mondeo, I now have a set of these heater controls surplus to requirements. These are available free of charge to anyone who wants them. Pm details. Should be able to post them on Saturday.
  8. Changed Car.

    This was the best of 4 blue ones. I had a look a 2 grey and 1 silver one locally but they don't look as good as the blue.
  9. Changed Car.

    Traded my Focus against it. Always wanted one but could never afford to run one but had an investment policy mature recently so took the plunge. This was the best one from 4.
  10. Changed Car.

    This afternoon I bought this. Pick it up tomorrow. ST155 in the best colour!!
  11. Rear Tail Lights Mk2.5 Focus

    There are some out there. If you search Ebay for BAZ15s you will find them. But they might not be the type you are wanting.
  12. Rear Tail Lights Mk2.5 Focus

    Like I said in my previous post, they have to have offset and staggered pins.The pins should sit at 120degrees and not 180degrees like the ones in your picture. I had the same problem. Never resolved it to be honest.
  13. Rear Tail Lights Mk2.5 Focus

    As already said, you should check the fitment first. I have a 2008 Focus and the brake/tail light bulbs have staggered and offset pins on them which is a BAZ15s fitting. Not so easily found aftermarket parts.
  14. Led Side Light Bulb Replacement Pain

    They can be a pain, but they will come out. The plastic "tongues" are quite durable I think. Use long nosed pliers and give it a shake as you turn it out anti-clockwise. Only takes a quarter turn. Hope this helps.
  15. Thanks Barnet Council For My Scratches!

    Do you have any co-operative neighbours who might have seen anything. Our local council have instructed all their bin men to ensure that the empty wheely bins are replaced well away from vehicles after a spate of claims from the public. The bins were normally left all over the place and were blown over and damaged cars.