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  1. Mine was a PL2303 clone for £5 off Ebay. Fine for doing all the Ford mods I want except PCM flashing. Main problem I've had is finding a Windows 7 serial to USB driver for it. There isn't one, but oddly there is a Vista driver. So I use my Vista lappy with it. FuF.
  2. Quick warning - I killed my Elm using the speed test utility in Elmconfig. Can't get it to work at any speed now. Fortunately it was cheap so I may get a replacement and swap the boards. No rewiring needed that way. FuF.
  3. Anyone know what this error code means and how to correct it? Thanks.
  4. Thanks - that's really helpful. Do all 7M5T units work with cruise control? FuF.
  5. Can you replace a 4M5T unit with a 7M5T unit? FuF.
  6. So if version 10 software works are you saying that it's just a question of copying settings from a car with cruise working? Or is it gem module version (hardware) dependent? I have the 4spoke wheel with cruise buttons, brake and clutch switches and pcm with cruise activated. FuF.
  7. Anyone know if you can update the gem module software? I want to get cruise control working on my 2008 Focus but it needs newer software in the module than I have (version 10 installed). Thanks. FuF.
  8. My gem is a cc running version 10 software and cruise doesn't work. Anyone with cruise working know what version software they have? Is it possible to flash the software in the gem? Would save having to buy a new module. Thanks. FuF.
  9. So it would appear that the GEM module is in the fusebox. It's likely that there is a simple connection (possibly only a fuse) required to activate cc on a car with a C gem instead of a D gem module after activating in the pcm, display and gem on ids. To take this forward it would be really helpful if someone with a D gem fusebox would post a good photo of their fuses to compare with my C fusebox. Thanks.
  10. Cruise Control

    Thanks. Do you mean the plug next to the brake servo in the esp pdf? That cable looks like it goes to the fusebox next to the battery. I presume you are suggesting checking that the white and brown wires mentioned in the cc guide run from the passenger footwell fusebox connector into the engine bay fusebox?
  11. Cruise Control

    Can't seem to add to the guide for this anymore. I've retrofitted a 4 spoke steering wheel with cruise controls to my 2008 petrol Focus. It's been activated in the pcm, gem and instrument panel but it isn't working. I've got a C ending gem so I reckon this is the problem. As the gem is only the fusebox as far as I can make out, it's likely to be just a single wire connection missing in the cruise circuit. So - does anyone have any idea what is actually missing that is present in a D gem fusebox and is it possible to add this manually? Thanks.
  12. Gem Location

    Anyone got any accurate info on this? Is the GEM the fusebox, clipped onto the fusebox or totally separate from the fusebox? Photos and part numbers would be most appreciated. FuF.
  13. Anyone know if you can do things with the new version of Elmconfig that you can't do with the old version? Don't need the dash module firmware as I already have the latest version so I'm not going to upgrade unless there's significant new features. Eco mode sucks btw - not worth bothering with.
  14. C-Max Ignition Barrel Key

    Thanks - I'm actually only interested in the airbag cover. Got the old steering lock off eventually but now I can't see how to take the airbag front cover off. Anyone know how to do this without blowing my arms off. Thanks. FuF.