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  1. Retrofitting A Sat Nav To A 2014/2015 (Facelift) Focus

    Please can I have a copy of the instructions aswell.
  2. Hi can someone with ford ecat find the latest part number for the Injector loom for a 2005 ford focus 1.6 Ti-VCT. Thanks
  3. What Fits In A Focus??

    The focus surprisingly can fit alot the rear seats do fold flat or at least mine do and the recaros I put in do you lift the rear base up and then drop the back seats makes alot more space if your after fitting loads in remove the rear seats. I would go and take pics to show how they fold but lets just say my focus is currently in for body repairs as someone reversed into me.
  4. One Of The Lowest Mileage Mk2's?

    my 55 plate focus mk2 had 22k on it about 18 months ago. its now got 45k miles. A friend has a ford puma Y reg with only 30k miles on. Unbelievable just how little mileage some people do.
  5. Rear Interior Light Fitting

    If you drop the headliner there is a premarked indent on the rear that you can cut out. Would probably be a better idea to drop the headliner so you can run the wires securely so they are not banging on the roof. its only about 10 screws and 2 push fir tree clips.
  6. Air Belt Replacement 1.6 Petrol 2005-2008

    they are stretch belts if you buy a new kit from ford it comes with a tool otherwise I guess its just brute force and perseverance. the tool forces the belt onto the pulley as you turn the crank.
  7. Can I swap a diesel fuse box with a petrol fusebox? I have swapped my Gem with a higher spec one from a diesel focus to my petrol and that has worked fine, but unsure if I can do the same with the engine bay fusebox I am thinking that the connect highlighted is for the specific engine type e.g. 1.6 petrol, diesel ect and the rest are for the accessories such as heated screen ect. Or am I completely off?
  8. Who Is Doing The Modified Elm Cables?

    Found loads on ebay from £15 to £25 so going to order one shortly. Thanks Sam
  9. Who Is Doing The Modified Elm Cables?

    Dezwez are the ones on eBay already modified? Will look at the S max club. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  10. Looking to buy a modified Elm cable to reprogram a new gem module to my car, is there anyone who makes and sells them? Thanks Sam
  11. Slack In Clutch Pedal?

    Mines recently done this due to my clutch return spring breaking, only about £4 from ford but a pain in the !Removed! to fit!
  12. Mk2.5 1.6 Zetec Cambelt Advice

    are you on about the ti-vct or the normal, I changed mine at 35k miles on my 55 plate ti-vct was alot easier than I thought, two problems i found though, The crank pulley isnt keyed so in other words once you remove the bolt the pulley spins freely so make sure the timing is 100% set before removing the bolt, I bought a sealey kit when doing mine and locked the crank with the locking pin and used the flywheel locking tool aswell, the bolt is really tight to undo I used an air impact wrench for 30 minutes and gave up as it was just not budging, ended up using a 1inch drive 8ft breaker bar a piece of wood to support the bar and jumping on the end of the bar whilst someone hit the socket with a sledge hammer (small hammer wasn't doing it) it came off in a couple of minutes. for my ti-vct there is a special tool that locks the ti-vct cams, for the normal 100bhp its a bar that seats in the back of the camshafts. When refitting it is vital the bolt is tightened to the correct torque as if it isnt it could undo causing piston to valve contact. Belt wise, I did buy both ford kits (to confess I did return the timing belt kit and bought a gates instead) The drive belt kit is vital as the belts are stretch belts and the kit comes with the tool needed to fit the belts.the belts are Dayco. In the ford timing belt kit it included the timing belt (gates) tensioner and two bolts depends on which length your car has, I returned the ford kit for a gates kit purely for cost i was only a student when doing it so money was very tight and considering the gates kit is exactly the same I thought why not. Make sure that there is pre applied loctite to the threads as it is vital. I still have my locking kit and was planning to stick it on ebay. Instruction wise it depends if it is a 100bhp or 115bhp (ti-vct) as each uses the locking tools in a different way.
  13. Help St Seats Weight?

    Out of curiosity how much do leather recaros sell for these days? Already have a set but just curious.
  14. Help St Seats Weight?

    Dont know of any guide but its really really simple. 4 bolts on both front seats, undo tip seat forward disconnect wires from bottom, remove Rear seats a lil more tricky, bottoms are as simple as undoing the bolts on the front and then remove. The backs need dropping forward and looking at where they attatch at the side at the bottom you need something like a long flat head screwdriver to rotate a locking dial type clamp and then lift out when installing the new rear seats the clamp closes when the new seats are installed.
  15. Focus 2005 Seats Into A 2008?

    They should fit np I fitted some leather recaros from a mk2.5 to my mk2 without any issues so I would suspect it would be the same. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC