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  1. Happy Birthday JoeyG!

  2. Is This A Good Deal?

    worked it out, all together it is £5.99 a day to have the car (including the deposit). It's all about what happens at the end, talk to your dealer, I would personally like to know the outcome.
  3. Is This A Good Deal?

    To start, that is a good deal, I am not sure what happens at the end of the two years though, will you have to pay the over-mileage (assuming you go over the 6K a year miles) or would you have to pay some sort of fee or something? not sure. If you can pay the 1K deposit and the £126 per month for 2 years, then hand the car back and not have to pay anything afterwards then that is a good deal.
  4. Fiesta Or Corsa???

    Fiestas are more popular obviously, but you get a good range of Fiestas from the Edge, Zetec, Zetec S and the s1600 / metal's, + the new face lift. Newer Corsa's are either shockingly boring (and what is the 5 door about, totally different shape to the 3 door), or shockingly cheap looking with crappy alloys and very very poor spoilers.
  5. Fiesta Or Corsa???

    My first car was a Corsa 05 plate, absolutely crap, most drab interior ever put into a car, electrics as mentioned where shocking - electric window sometimes worked sometimes didn't, break pads and disc and clutch are crap, wouldn't trust them breaks to stop a trolley. The engine weren't too bad, and the handling was alright but nothing at all to boast about. Worst car to get, dont know why they are so popular with young ens, but I got one, never again will I buy a Vauxhall. Second car was a 2nd gen Ford KA and what an absolute delight it was, nice interior, really good handling, nothing went wrong. Dream of a car and that made me like Ford as a company because of how good the KA was! 3rd car Fiesta, now this is the proper drivers car!! had it for 6 months now and still love it to bits, sooooo good to drive, it's just a really good car, mint interior with excellent standard equipment. Really good engine choices, comfy seats, good amount of space in the car/boot, excellent safety features, good visibility. It dosnt get much better than this, you would need to spend a hell of a lot more money for better than this.
  6. Facelift 1.0 125 - How Is It?

    Loving the red and new blue colors of the Fiesta, has anyone got any good pics of the blue zetec s?
  7. Facelift 1.0 125 - How Is It?

    I don't expect 65MPG but my engine was rated at 55MPG and I get around 40MPG so with the same style of driving I would think the new engine would average around 45 - 50MPG? possibley in the non turbo or even the 100ps, but I suppose with 125ps it would be a waste not to put your foot down :-)
  8. Car Whistling When Accelerate.

    It's only noticeable if the volume if high and nothing is playing on AUX, not on FM or Bluetooth. Don't use Aux port, the Bluetooth is very high quality and just starts playing in a few seconds, pretty much the perfect set up.
  9. Good afternoon guys and gals, Just wondering what people think of the 1.0 125 engine in the new Fiesta, looking at the specs it looks to good to be true, 0-62 in 9.9 sec in a 1L, 65 MPG. I am thinking about getting a Zetec-S, or if I can afford it an ST. Love the new Zetec-S face with the Honeycomb grill. I have ridden in the Titanium (1.0 99) and that was quite good (seemed faster than my 1.25L 82) and the 1.0 non turbo 80 and that does not seem too sad for a 1.0L but wouldn't get that engine. Want to hear from owners, how it feels, how it goes, sounds, sups petrol etc. Cheers...
  10. My mate has a facelift Zetec and seems to work perfectly, I would start complaining and ask to speak to the manager say that you have had nothing but problems, the more you shout the more you get.
  11. Car Whistling When Accelerate.

    Turn the speaker volume up and down whilst nothing is on i.e. will work best if you put it on AUX and put the volume to full and start revving your engine. Unsure why cars do this but they do.
  12. Ford Etis... Should I Be Worried?

    You have fog lights, and the silver trim, it's a Zetec.
  13. Looks awesome, them seats look very nice. I have ridden in a Titanium with those alloys and the car is quieter inside and bumps are much better soaked up, but that's me coming from 17" low profile tyres so not sure if it's the car of them alloys and thicker tyres. I am hoping to get the ST by next March, but if I cant afford it I will defiantly get a Zetec S, but stick with petty 1.0L 125BHP :-)
  14. Thoughts On Fiesta Mk 7 1.25 85 Hp

    Yea, as above I think it is very nippy for a 1.25, people are genuinely surprised of the speed and pull the car gets, even with 3 - 4 people in the car, it will only ever begin to struggle on a steep hill. It is really good to drive with just you in the car, I think the best speed for the car is around 50 - 60 where you have plenty of grip and you stick to the road, the anti skid thing if also very good, when going round a round about at some speed you begin to feel a wheel or 2 start to break themselves seperatly and keep you on track. Speakers are awesome, the Bluetooth USB and aux are also such a good thing to have in your car, I'm sure every Zetec from 2012+ have these as standard? but I may be wrong. Current MPG is around 40, with town, B-roads and motorway driving every day, should go up soon since it's getting warmer.
  15. Thoughts On Fiesta Mk 7 1.25 85 Hp

    Love the engine, nice and quiet when you want it to be and you can have a lot of fun with it on B roads. I would go for Zetec, you get Heated Windscreen (witch is worth its weight in gold), fog lights, 6 speakers - as apposed to 4 as standard on the style, Privacy Glass, Alloys (with premium tyres), heated mirrors, and I think the lights are better in the Zetec (from my own knowledge and tests). If you drive it eco style (witch isnt hard as its a smooth engine and smooth ride) you can keep it in the top 40's maybe 50MPG Average. The WhatCar website I think say they would go for the 1.25 over the 1.4 due to the characteristics and price of the engine. Hope this helps.