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  1. Hi All, My wife's Fiesta has been having issues with the infotainment system recently. The hands-free buttons on the steering wheel don't seem to be working and when navigating different sections of the system, it will randomly start scrolling and won't stop until you leave the menu. The radio still works and there's nothing else wrong with the car, but it makes any of the hands-free features pretty much useless. I'd booked it in for a service and MOT this week, and asked if they would be able to have a look. When they returned the car they said they had attempted to run some diagnostics, but were getting no response from the ECU, so obviously couldn't advise on what the issue might be. They recommended a local auto electrical garage who might be able to help, but thought I'd ask the question here first in case someone has come across this previously? Seems strange that they would be getting no response from the ECU when the car seems to be running perfectly fine? It's a 15 plate Fiesta Titanium, 1.0 Ecoboost. Thanks in advance
  2. Also, I haven't actually tried disconnecting the battery to reset the ECU before. Am I right in thinking that I just need to disconnect the negative battery terminal from the chassis (as I can't easily access the negative terminal on the battery itself?) and that should do the trick?
  3. Hi All, Having a strange issue with my 59 plate Mondeo Titanium X Not sure if the issues are related, but my cars battery died a few weeks ago. Took it to a garage, had it replaced, no issues besides my windows not rolling up automatically when fully lifting the button or when holding the lock button down on the key fob. I could live without it so I didn't give it much thought. Fast forward two weeks, no issues and car is working fine. Go to leave work this evening and my key fob won't unlock the car, not noticed any key fob problems leading up to this. So I pop out the backup key from the fob, unlock the car manually, try to start the car, nothing. Googled it, everything says to remove the cover over where the keyed ignition would be, insert the full key fob and try to start the car again. Tried that, nothing happens. Car battery seems ok as the radio is on, alarm works, and hazards are on but no luck starting the engine. Only other thing I can think to try is to disconnect the battery to reset it, but I didn't have the tools to do so at the time. Any other thoughts as to what I might be able to try before I bite the bullet and get it recovered to a garage? Thanks in advance
  4. Happy Birthday Oxide!

  5. More problems less solutions... Car won't jump start at all. Hooked it up to my mondeo, kept it idling for a few minutes followed by a few minutes on high tick over. tried to jump it and no luck. Checked the connections several times to make sure I wasn't being a complete dunce but still no joy. Is this a sign of a completely dead battery?
  6. Hey guys, Having a slight issue with getting my focus started (well when I say me I mean the missus who drives it daily to work) The battery died once a month back or so after being left in the cold for a week without a drive. Jumped it and it worked fine. Then the battery died again when the missus left the lights and radio on whilst sat on the ferry for 15 minutes (that was awkward) Now the other day she tried to start it, it was reluctant to start, and when it did it came up with a transmission malfunction error, traction control light came on, and it said it -60 degrees C. She turned the engine off and it wouldn't start again. Still cant get it started now, but I'm assuming it's just a weak battery. I'll jump start it again later and see if that solves the issue for now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPfudNH0jg4 I'm assuming theres either an issue with the battery, or the alternator. I had installed a parrot hands-free system, which thought might be draining the battery after the engine was turned off. I've removed it this morning to see if that solves the issue. Can anyone shed some light on what might be causing the battery to die? Or if its not the battery how I can tell whether its the alternator causing the issue?
  7. Well I got the fronts and rears swapped today, took it to kwik-fit against my better judgment but they only charged me £6 per tyre (including balancing) which was the same as any local garage would offer me. Although it's looking like I'll be in the market very shortly for some new tyres to replace the old fronts. So on that note, whereabouts do you guys get your tyres? I'd rather not pay £124 per tyre but I'm not willing to put crappy budgets on them either. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  8. After buying my Mondeo last month it's starting to look like my fronts may need replacing. They still have a decent amount of tread, but they do have some noticeable wear on the outer edges on each side. My main question is, I've been told that Mondeos (and front wheel drive diesels on general) will eat through front tyres relatively often. My rear tyres are in great condition, so would it be worth simply swapping the front and rear sets to get some more distance out of the worn pair before buying new ones? Also, a colleague of mine recommended a tyre salesman near me who does great deals on part worn tyres from Germany. I was just wondering if anyone else has had experience with part worns and knows whether they are worth looking in to? Obviously they will be cheaper than buying new but what kind of mileage can you expect to get out of them. On a side note, what tyre pressures would you guys recommend to get the best mpg out of a 2.2 titanium x sport? Tyre size 235/40 zr18 Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  9. Welcome mate. I'm picking up my 59 plate mondeo tomorrow. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  10. It was a spoiler, well done. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  11. Not a wiper Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  12. Not a tow hook Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  13. Nope, not a spare wheel. Let me know if this one is too vague Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  14. Not all cars have one. I can be big, I can be small. I can be useless, and I can be essential. I can be found on the back, or even on the front. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  15. Ooh, I'm not very good at these. I'll have a think Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
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