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  1. Rear & Front screen heater

    My '07 plate does this. It is designed to do it when the temperature is low enough for ice to form. I believe this is a feature of having the climate pack.
  2. how to stop "artificial inteligence"

    1. To be honest I find the swipe of the wipers 4-5 seconds very handy as there is normally some solution still on the windscreen. 2. The air condition comes on because it is a dehumidifier and when you turn to blow air on the windscreen it assumes that you are trying to clear this. 3. My Focus does this when the outside temperature is below a certain point as it assumes that the car could start to steam up. I believe this is to do with my car being a Zetec with the Climate Pack. I have all what you have but I find it to be very good features that have been added and dont think you have a fault. Hope this helps.
  3. rattle

    I had a vibration and took it to the garage. My heat shield needed replaced and it has now stopped. Hope this helps.
  4. Focus 2007 Rear Wiper

    Received wiper today and it does not fit. Does anyone know if Ford have a unique wiper that you can only buy from them? Cheers
  5. Focus 2007 Rear Wiper

    thanks very much just ordered it.
  6. Focus 2007 Rear Wiper

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know of any websites that sell a rear wiper for a 2007 hatchback? I can only seem to find the windscreen wipers. Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. Diesel vs V power Diesel

    Hi Has any tried Shell V power Diesel (or equivalent) and noticed a difference in mpg and power? I thinking about trying it but would like to know other people comments first?
  8. 1.6 TDCi vibration

    I have a vibration from the engine when I accelerate. It happens around the 1750 -2000 RPM mark but does not happen all the time. It will happen in any gear and even when the engine is hot or cold. If anyone has any thoughts over what it would be please post.
  9. Vibrating noise from turbo

    Found this on a website so hopeguly it is this rather than the turbo failing. On 1.6TDCI the aluminium turbo to intercooler pipe can split. It cracks in two places in opposite directions emanating from the "start" and "stop" of the upper bracket weld. Fractures are of a fatigue nature resulting from vibration ,the bracket being rigidly attached to the engine.
  10. Vibrating noise from turbo

    It only seems to happen sometimes but I will get this looked at asap. Thanks for advice
  11. Vibrating noise from turbo

    When I accelerate in my Focus 1.6TDCi and the turbo kits in there is a strange vibration noise like metal vibrating against metal. Does anyone know what is causing this?
  12. Hello and AC on at engine start!!!!

    This is correct as the a/c acts as a dehumidifier which clears the windscreen quicker
  13. Fuel Consumption

    Ive got a 1.6TDCi Zetec Climate Focus and was wondering what mpg other drivers are getting. I am averaging around 48.3mpg and this consists of some motorway driving (around 40miles a day) and some town driving (around 15miles a day).
  14. Problems with heated front windscreen

    I have the same noise from my 07 plate Focus but it happens when I do not have the a/c on.