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  1. Zetec S Grille

    Where did you buy your Zetec S grille from? Looks great!
  2. Does anyone know if the (2013) Fiesta/Fiesta S Zetec grill will fit the Style? I purchased a used 2013 Fiesta Style 1.25 a short while ago with several extras and really like the Zetec grills (honeycomb). Has anyone tried, I hope it does :). Thanks
  3. Focus 1.4 2001 - Oil Pressure Sensor (Bad Oil Leak)

    This made sense, thank you!. I have used temporarily used the bolt until (tuesday) when I can purchase the new pin. Is it okay to fit myself? or will it need adjustment? I also took the cam cover off and looked inside and underneath - no oil on the cam belt or inside. Thank you JW1982 - brilliant help.
  4. Focus 1.4 2001 - Oil Pressure Sensor (Bad Oil Leak)

    Thank you very much for reply and your time. In no way I am doubting your knowledge, just curious as to why the timing bolt would be near the bottom of the engine as opposed to at the side by the cam belt? Is it possible to find a picture of this for my reference. I appreciate your help very much.
  5. I recently had my Cambelt replaced on my Focus privately - which also 'caused' (somehow) a idle problem with my engine which was solved by cleaning the MAF and throttle body. However I now have an oil leak - pretty bad to be honest. I have replaced the Rocker Cover Gasket which I originally thought was the problem and this is not the problem. The oil is spraying onto everything just above the sump level. I have checked the timing belt aswell as the drive belt to see if there a was leak or if it was spraying off which it was not. I got under the car and saw it virtually pouring out of a small hole just above the sump - I do not know many parts so not to good at identifying. ^ This is where the oil is pouring out. My Oil Pressure light never came on when my oil was really low, In my attempt to find the Oil pressure sensor - I cannot, someone did suggest this might be it? which would indicate why the light never came on. http://youtu.be/O81QniMGWC4 ^ the hole the oil is pouring out and other places I found oil leaks. Please could someone help me identify what this could be? (A bolt was screwed in to help identify what hole was leaking). Thank you for your time!(s) and sorry for my naivety.
  6. Thanks for the reply although this is more serious now. After posting I went to pick up my girlfriend and had to stop on the hard shoulder as there was smoke covering the screen from the bonnet and coming through the heaters. One of the pipes from the heater control valve blew off also (tightly secured), had to drive it about 5 miles to get home stopping every 5 mins to let it cool down. On the way back every time I pressed the accelerator there was a 'grinding' noise and when I changed gear also :( and finally as I got home the temperature light came on, theres no gauge on my model. Any idea? Thanks I'm suspecting Head Gasket is gone but who knows :( :(
  7. (Mk4 sorry) Hi, last couple of days heaters been cold and coolant was leaking out of the heater valve. Changed the heater valve today and still blowing cold air checked all inlet and outlet pipes for kinks and leaks etc still nothing. Going to try and see if the fuse has blown for the valve but not a clue which it is. Theres no wetness on the passenger side, plenty of coolant, but the heaters do smell 'smokey' when running. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  8. Identifying Hose

    Sorry for the late reply thanks for those who posted. Really apperciate it. It was the oil breather pipe, i brought a 'new' (same model fiesta) one and fitted it and the car will not function properly without the 'spilt' in the pipe. With no splits the car just stalls and sounds like its being starved. I changed the oil cap/other pipe that comes off oil cap, and same problem. I have a MOT tommorrow so worried about this, it runs fine with the spilt pipe though. Would this fail on a MOT? If anyone has any advice with where to start looking id be grateful.
  9. Identifying Hose

    Hi, im new here. I have a Fiesta MK4 (2001) and its coming up to its MOT, recently checked oil and was below min so added more oil and saw a tear in one of the hoses coming from the oil cap (Push fit with 2 outlets). I borrowed this picture off the internet. Im trying to identify what this hose is connected to and its purpose? The hose goes off into a 'tee' shape connection. http://postimage.org/image/m551g9q9x/ ^ Image Sorry for n00bness. Thanks for any help!
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums snitchdnb21 :)