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  1. Fiesta Mk 4 Knocking Noise

    springs are fine they were only replaced less than a year ago. I'll check out the bushes and track rod ends thanks
  2. Insurance For Young Drivers...

    I'd definitely be cautious with Direct Line, I used to work for them on the claims side and they look for any excuse to not pay out also you're not guaranteed a curtesy car either even if you use their recommended repairers its down to the garage to provide one if they want to. Plus if it's an older car any sort of accident will more than likely result in either cat c or d total loss and their engineers will try and deduct anything they can off the value. Currently an independent investigation into Insurers on a whole into the price they are offering for total losses as everyone knows they will only pay market valuation and not the cost for to replace for like for like, the FOS are taking this into account too in their decisions so never settle for the value they give. I'm now 22 I'm paying £1900 for 1.25 mk 4 fiesta rip off central.
  3. I've currently got a knocking noise coming from the foot well area when going over a bump or uneven surface, I've recently changed the stabiliser bars on the roll bar hoping this would fix the issue, but the noise remains. Is it worth changing the roll bar bushes and seeing if that fixes it or is there anything else it can be. On inspection undeneath the car there appears to be nothing loose that would rattle or knock so am running out of ideas. Cheers.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums lwardie :)