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  1. SMAX audy stile leds

    I know that :D :D :D it's for the other members ;) so, if someone wants to do it, and translate it ;)
  2. SMAX audy stile leds

    here is the how to... sorry, it's in french, I haven't translated it ...
  3. SMAX audy stile leds

    you can buy the chrome front, in ebay, abalonepoon is the name of the seller, dunno if he's always on..... sobaka, THX, and yep, I could do it, i've began to, but never finished it... i've got more time now, so I could finish it.... ;)
  4. SMAX audy stile leds

    I've bought the chrome front grill, and the leds, to make smoothes lights... in reality, it's smoother than in the pics... I've took the position lamps (near the fog lights) off, and put mines on ;) it looks like that in the daylight the leds "on" '(always in the daylight) to compare the original position lamps, with my homemade "position lamps" ;) with this, you can say it looks like an original ;)
  5. SMAX audy stile leds

    hi all, I've also done leds in front of mine... as I've already seen audi's style leds in other S-maxes, my project has never been copied by now :D this has never been done :P :) with the headligts on... hi sobaka ;)