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  1. Focus 2001Radio

    Hi Just purchased a 2001 Ford focus which has a nasty after market stereo fitted. I want to replace this with the factory radio( 6000cd??). I need it to connect a ipod to so understand that ill need a slightly different radio and also another lead for the aux in. Can anyone point me in the direction of what radio i should be looking at and also what lead as ive checked the forum,ebay and google but not found anything concrete. Also, i assume the steering wheel controls wont control the ipod but whats the likelihood of getting it the radio to control the ipod but im guessing then it wouldnt need to be a aux in cable? hope someone can help! Many thanks
  2. Focus 2011 Aux In/ipod Problem

    its a previous model. Its the rollout model before the new shape
  3. Focus 2011 Aux In/ipod Problem

    Hi folks Recently got my new focus and i love it! Unfortunatly i seem to have a problem. when the ipod is connected to the car via usb cable and a 3.5mm aux in cable all is well until i turn the car off. Once the car is started again i have to remove the aux cable from the ipod and put it back it to get the sound back. Its more of a inconvinience than a problem but wondered if anyone had any ideas? If it helps i had a ford focus 2011 zetec on hire and had exactly the same problem. I have tried another aux in cable but still get the same problem any ideas? Many thanks
  4. Hi!

    Morning everyone. Just thought id say hey as i'm a new member. I've got a white 2011 ford focus sport .
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums ryanshelton :)