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  1. stuartr26

    1.0 Ecoboost

    I agree they are taking the mick... something must be wrong if the best it will ever acheive is 38mpg
  2. stuartr26

    1.0 Ecoboost

    What sort of driving are you doing? I have the same model and have also done 11k now. I'm getting back 43mpg from mine though so that's a big difference from you
  3. stuartr26

    2015 Focus Facelift (Mk 3.5) Unveiled

    Does anyone know if there are any current Ford's available in the UK in that colour? I want to see it in person if possible!
  4. stuartr26


    Yeah absolutely. Can't complain! If I was to speak to anyone buying a new car now I'd say your better off paying the money to get the GAP insurance than getting Diamondbrite.
  5. stuartr26


    Yeah I agree. I planned on keeping the car for a good few years so I thought I would get the cover in case. I have a little scratch on the car at the moment so I'm going to ring Diamondbrite soon to see if they can do anything (doubt they will!!)
  6. stuartr26


    I stupidly paid for this when I bought my car last year. Wish I hadn't really as I don't think it's worth the charge.
  7. stuartr26

    Ford Focus High Mpg And Low Car Tax

    I've got a 13 plate Focus which I got from new last year. It's a 1.0 ecoboost 125ps. It's got plenty of power and returns between 40-45mpg mainly on B roads and around town. Tax is only £30 a year but I think it is only £20 on the 100ps. Can't fault the car so far and I've had it for 11 months and done around 8500 miles I think.
  8. I have a 2013 Titanium X as well - have always had issues with my DAB radio and have now given up trying to use it. I live in Sussex and I have noticed that in some areas the signal is fine (the further South I go). Whereas around where I live and around the dealership I bought the car from, the signal is terrible. It doesn't pick up many of the main stations. I spoke to the Ford dealer I bought the car from and they said it is just down to poor signal strength. I don't know if this is them coming up with an excuse but I'm happy at the moment just plugging my iPod in to play music.
  9. stuartr26

    Sync Issues - 13 Plate

    Thanks for your advice. I did this as well as trying another iPod cable. Turns out the lead had become faulty overnight somehow!
  10. stuartr26

    Sync Issues - 13 Plate

    I have a 13 plate Focus Titanium X. Up until this week I have had no issues with Ford Sync but for some reason when I plugged my iPod in the other day I started to have problems. It would recognise it was plugged in and then it would start indexing as usual but then it says there is an error. Then when you press the voice control button on the steering wheel it says there is no USB device connected. I have tried plugging in my iPad as well and it does the exact same thing. Does anyone know how to fix this or anything I can try to get it working again? Thanks
  11. stuartr26

    Zetec Climate Mpg

    I'd take it into a decent local Ford dealer, speak to other people about your local Ford dealers. Going 3 years without a service won't be doing the car any favours so put it in for full service. Should be under £250 at any Ford dealership for a full service.
  12. stuartr26


    I have the same engine in mine and I can safely say it is definitely enough for the Focus. I did have worries that it might not be powerful enough but once you put your foot down it really does get going!!
  13. stuartr26


    It's a brilliant car, much more to it than my old Fiesta. So much more comfortable as well. What model are you getting exactly?
  14. Hoping mine will keep improving like yours! Approaching 1500 and it's currently 39.1MPG. Think these engines blend in quicker than old ones!
  15. stuartr26


    I am just approaching 1500 miles and recently my MPG has been going up from around 35 to 39 at the moment. Hopefully it will keep going up!