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  1. New Fiesta - Safety Recall?

    Hi Sweep Only what I talked about in post #3, which admittedly was a bit vague. My car is also a Race Red so maybe it relates to the paint colour? Stewart
  2. Sat Nav Problem

    Hi Torchwood. The Satnav is still fine at the moment, so hopefully now all sorted. Re the book, you are quite right mine also has 5 pages but they are not very comprehensive. I never got the Navigation Owners Manual. Could you let me have the full name/ref no when you get the right one? How are you liking the car? I previously had the pre facelift Titanium and the new one definately feels like a step up. Thanks Stewart
  3. Sat Nav Problem

    Hi Benjamin Have replied to your PM and sent a seperate email to you with the requested photos. For the benefit of others, the Sat Nav "No GPS" problem seems to have fixed itself after Ford couldn't find a fault. Regards Stewart
  4. New Fiesta - Safety Recall?

    Weird. Maybe just me then!
  5. New Fiesta - Safety Recall?

    Good question! When i picked up the car she said it was something to do with the bumper padding (foam?) reacting with the paint on the bumper. Unfortunately that is the only detail she had as the techicians weren't around to ask. She also couldn't tell me which models were affected, just that mine came up on their system when I booked it in for repair. Stewart
  6. Hi I took my week old new Fiesta in to my Ford dealer today to fix the Sat Nav unit which has not worked properly since we got the car. The woman at reception told me that they would have contacted me anyway as there has been a safety recall. She said it relates to the "paint on the rear bumper". I was in a hurry so didn't question her further, so I don't know if this just relates to my model (1L Ecoboost Titanium in Race Red) or particular batch (if there's such a thing), or paint colour or what. I will ask when I go and pick up the car later. Anyone else heard this? Stewart
  7. Ecoboost 1.0T Mpg & Ecomode Owner Results

    Hi We purchased a 1L Ecoboost 100 PS Titanium a week ago. I can't remember the Ecomode scores apart from shifting which was a 5. On a 450 round trip from SW London to NE Wales with about 80% Motorway/20% non motorway, sticking to the speed limits, we got about 46.9 MPG. Considering how cold it is and the fact that it is new and not yet run in, I was pretty pleased with that figure. It should rise once the weather warms up and the engine loosens up. Thanks Stewart
  8. Sat Nav Problem

    Thanks Stoney. Hopefully easily rectified Stewart
  9. Sat Nav Problem

    Hi First post to this forum (I think!). Hi all Proud owner of a new 1L Ecoboost Titanium. Love it in every way. We got the built in sat nav as one of the added extras, but it seems to be faulty. There is an intermittent "no GPS" message in the display which renders the unit unusable. I will take it back to the dealer as its only 6 days old but has anyone come across this issue? Possibly a lose wire or faulty connector as the fault is intermittent. Is there such a thing as a manual for the sat nav - a couple of pages in the owners handbook doesn't really do it justice. On to the car itself, it is really smooth and quiet compared to our previous one (a 2010 1.6TDCI Fiesta). The gear ratios appear to be much higher and so far pretty pleased with its MPG (I got an average of over 46 MPG on a 450 mile round trip over the weekend of mainly motorway driving) This compares to about 55 from the diesel, but it was very cold and the engine only hap 20 miles on the clock before the journey. Even liking the Sync! Thank you Stewart
  10. Fiesta Door Seals

    I also have the same problem mainly on the front passenger door but now also peeling slightly on the driver side. Had the second year service done on Monday and was told that it could not be done as outsie of warranty and would cost £85/door to fix. Is there a link to the relevant TSB online? Thanks
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums Stewbold :)