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  1. HELP please,

    Im no mechanic but im sure you could just drill a hole in the bottom of the door, let it drain and then patch the hole with filler and give it a rub down, not like its gna be seen and if ur fussy buy a tin of paint and touch it up. As for stopping it happening have you checked all the rubbers and seals?
  2. 76' mk1 Fiesta 1.1s

    Right so i've just baught a 1976 mk1 Fiesta 1.1s and it needs a whole lot of work. (will post pics soon ;) ) It needs a fair bit of welding as far as i know but i'll know the full extent once ive stripped it and gone to town with a wire brush , Q.1 There is quite a bit of rust on the scuttle and i was just unsure wether the scuttle alone can be replaced or if im gona have to patch it up . Any info on this would be appreciated. Q.2 Does anybody know where i cud get original stripes for the side? Q.3 If anybody has a 1.1s of similar age could you show me some pics plz :)