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  1. Mpg Display/miles To Empty Reset

    Thanks for your reply. That worked on my 05 Focus but my current car does not have that switch on the left hand stalk. I have now found that the arrows on the right hand side of the steering wheel work that display and I have reverted to "distance to empty". I usually get there in the end!
  2. Mpg Display/miles To Empty Reset

    I didn't word my question very well. When I bought the car it displayed miles to empty. Suddenly it shows mpg and as I am driving along shoots up to 100 and then down to 0 which is pretty useless information to have on the screen. I had trouble finding a way to change it as the handbook was not a lot of help. It's also taken me a lot of time to work out how to play music. Having bought a cable for the iPod which then didn't work I have now settled for a USB stick. I have managed to make my very ordinary Nokia phone work through the Bluetooth connection so I'm delighted with it. Thanks for your comments.
  3. Is there a way to reset this as the fuel consumption goes from 0 to 99 mpg whilst I'm driving. I can't find anything in the handbook. It is a 61 Zetec.
  4. Audio Unit

    Have recently exchanged my Focus for a 2011 version. I don't understand how the audio unit works. I bought a special lead to plug my ipod in but although the tracks were on the screen no sound came out. I took it out of the car. The next day the tracks were playing on BT audio - what is this? I then copied some tracks onto a USB stick but it said there were no files. Today I got into the car and it seems that my entire iTunes library is on the USB stick. (I also have problems getting music in and out of iTunes). Will this music still be there tomorrow I wonder? However, I'm loving the car.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums millysmum :)