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  1. Bonnet

    hi all, i,ve cracked it, i drilled a 25mm. hole in the indent part where the key goes in and then drilled out the tamper proof bolt heads and hay presto, one turn of a long screwdriver and up the bonnet came, thanks brigante for the hint, there was thousands on google with the same problem, now i can get my turbo fitted.
  2. Bonnet

    yes peter we must of spent an hour or more pushing it and pulling it all to no aviale, but thanks for the input anyway.
  3. thanks brigante for a very informative reply, i am shore that it will be very helpfull for focus users, but it looks like the mondeo is differant, after all the hard work you put into the reply, i find it very hard to have to to have to say it,but thanks a million anyhow, a very gratefull emlynkide
  4. Bonnet

    hi all, i went to the garage today to have my new turbo fitted, and lo and behold the bonnet decided it was going on strike, nobody could open it, the key turns left as normal and unlatches, then turn it to the right and nothing, it wont budge, has anybody got an idea how i can open it without a sledgehamer, we tried losening trhe grill to see if we could get at the lock but no joy, any ideas pleeeeeese ps its a tcdi 04
  5. Gears

    hi all, i got a 2l. tdci ghia x 2004 had it for a couple of years now, one of the problems since i bought it is i find the 6 gear box very stiff mainly in the lower gears its not got any worse since i was woundering if anybody else has found this, i thought maybe the linkages want adjusting! ps. i love this motor when the dreaded glow plug light is not flashing i am about to change the turbo and actuator, fingers and legs crossed.
  6. Mk3 Actuator?

    hi, i am having trouble with my electronic act. at the moment and have tried soldering one of the bits of wires thats come off, i dont know what sort of metal the two points are made of but they wont take solder, also youve got to be very carefull when soldering so close to what looks like a prosessor chip with the amount of heat req.
  7. hi all, iv;e been having intermiten glow plug light flashing and then gowing into limp mode, so took my mondeo down to a garage where my two sons work as mechs. to put the car on a bosch code reader, but the only fault that came up was for : pressure boost solenoid: as i dont like to hang around the garage for to long incase it upsets there boss, i left it at that, has anywhone had this problem if so where is it, and could it bring up the glow plug light, also i inspected the egr and it was absolutly chocker with gunge so have cleaned it up and i,ll see how things go from there, any clues i would be gratefull for
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums emlynkide :)