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  1. Hi all, newbie member here. The title pretty much sums things up. Had a badly blocked DPF removed and a remap which included more power plus economy on a Mk4 2.0 140 TDCI. Running round town, on start up and idling, the exhaust is smoke free but as soon as I push the accellerator harder the turbo which now comes in a lot earlier it feels to me, is accompanied sometimes by a shudder or rumble and a cloud of black smoke appears behind me. Is it a misfire of some kind. There is also an occasional hesitation at low revs before it picks up in lower gears. The "rumble" and smoke are most noticeable on the motorway when speeding up to overtake. MPG is good and seems unaffected but since the remap the car now requires a featherlight touch on the accellerator or it takes off like a rocket! Occasional clutch slip so assume Dual Mass Flywheel and/or clutch on its/their way out but not replaced yet. Any thoughts chaps? Thanks. Ford Mondeo 2007/8 Mk4 2.0 140 TDCI 104,000 miles
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums martycee :)

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      Hi and thanks. Need help with a diesel problem. Where do I start?