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    Stealing Fiestas

    Hi I have a 2014 Titinium very disturbing to know that the security system is like a wet piece of toilet paper A few moons ago Fords had one of the best security system for a main stream car. Can anyone tell what is a good easy fit tracking system that you can track on your phone or computor
  2. les1


    Hi I am les1 just joined and I drive a Ford Ka Grand Prix 11 good to be back in the fold
  3. les1

    Spare Tyres

    I have just purchased a 2010 Ka Grand Prix The model comes with the 16 inch wheels.but know spare just the punture repair thing. The spare was an optional extra.If any one has got a spare on their Ka can you tell me the size please. Also can I use a Sissor Jack on the car. Thanks
  4. les1

    Ford Ka Metal 2012

    why not go the whole hog a good 429er v8