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  1. Change Alternator

    It could be errors... But related to this i dont think so. I saw the dash light, and then stopped after 5 minutes. Then i recharge the battery and drive 30 km to ford dealer and never had an error... only the warning light from battery / alternator.
  2. Change Alternator

    Ok, thanks for the reply Cmax went today to garage Do you know if its necessary to clean the ECU erros after new alternator install? They want to...
  3. Change Alternator

    Can this be done with alternator in his place?
  4. Change Alternator

    Ok.... so.. how i can i check this? I had remove the belt... and when i turn the pulley by hand the alternator moves... I also disconnect the positive cable from alternator, then turn engine on and measure voltage at the alternator... and gave me 0,49 V
  5. Change Alternator

    Hi I have a ford focus c-max 1.6 TDCI 109hp (diesel) with AC a day ago my battery light come to life when driving I have checked the battery voltage with engine running and gave me 12v (12v to with engine stopped) , i think if alternator was good it would be +/- 14v with engine running. So today i went to take out the alternator.... but no way Does anybody known how to take that thing out? (i have AC)??? The AC compressor is at bottom and the alternator is on top... its necessary to take out the AC compressor? and can i disconnect the AC pipes to compressor? Any help is welcome