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  1. Noisy rear wheel bearing adjustment?

    Great. Thanks for update. I'm glad to hear that it all went okay.
  2. Noisy rear wheel bearing adjustment?

    From the Haynes manual: Rear hub bearing assembly to trailing arm: Stage 1 - 65Nm Stage 2 - Slacken by 90° Stage 3 - 65Nm Let us know how it goes.
  3. Noisy rear wheel bearing adjustment?

    I think I have the same on the OSR of my Fiesta. Same mileage as yours, 2012 model. I only get the noise some of the time, and it gets louder when I go round left hand corners. It doesn't sound like the normal rumble of a bad wheel bearing but I've had the drum off and even swapped over the rear drums but the noise persists on the same side. You don't need to press out a bearing. Ford have made it easy. You just need a new hub kit. I was looking at a Comline one at just over £50GBP from an online motor factor. You need to make sure that it has the hole for the ABS sensor to fit - not sure in your location if the Mk7 was ever available without ABS? It looks like you don't even need to remove the brake shoes to swap the hub out - but that is only my opinion from looking at it - it might not be like that in practise!
  4. Buying an old Fiesta

    I've got a 2012 (May) Titanium petrol auto. Bought it when it was a few months old and with 400 miles on the clock. It now has 25,000 miles. I chose the Fiesta due to many positive reviews and also because it had a torque-converter auto box. I was concerned about the reliability of automated manuals and fancy dual clutch types. I've not had any gear box issues so far. Things I have noted about the transmission: It is a 4 speed unit. It holds onto 1st gear for too long, for my liking. A tad annoying in low speed traffic and as the revs rise quite high you do get a little jolt when it shifts into 2nd. Accelerating steadily when on an open road and it isn't an issue. It has a lock-up function on the torque-converter in 3rd and 4th gears, which will give better MPG when activated. This will only work when the transmission is up to operating temperature. Can vary between 4-6 miles from a cold start depending on the air temperature and speed driven. I rarely see the lock-up happen in 3rd - I think once when climbing a steep motorway hill on the way to Cornwall. Otherwise it always occurs in 4th gear when vehicle speed (and trans temp is high enough) goes above 43mph. It will drop out of 4th gear T-C lock-up when your speed drops below 40mph, or the load on the engine increases, such as going up a hill or you require a higher rate of acceleration. I'd prefer the T-C to lock-up at 38mph then I'd be getting better MPG when driving in a 40mph limit. From 1 April 2012 the VED banding for the Fiesta 1.4 auto dropped from G to F. If you can manage to make your budget stretch to such a car you'll save yourself £40 a year. I did notice some fluid leakage from the driveshaft seals but this hasn't gotten any worse. Maybe something worth looking out for when examining a potential purchase? The transmission fluid has never needed topping up. The auto gearbox is heavier than the manual and makes the car slightly heavier than the 1.4 diesel of the same era. Front coil springs are from the diesel and more expensive as such. I had a snapped-on-the-driveway OSF coil spring earlier this year and had a bit of a headache trying to obtain replacements - especially as Ford wanted £100 for each spring plus fitting! The Ford spring for a petrol manual Fiesta was less than half that price. I hope this helps. Good luck with your search!
  5. Wheel Transplant

    Thanks for taking a look. When looking on Black Circles and searching by 195 45 16 tyre size nearly all listed are XL rated. When I change to 195 50 16 there is roughly a 50/50 split of XL and non XL rated tyres. When I choose 195 55 16 then the majority of tyres are non-XL rated. The Ford ETIS vehicle summary doesn't mention XL rated tyres for my car. I'm wondering if the tyre manufacturer's are choosing to spec their ultra low profiles in XL rating in order to offer more protection to alloy wheels when it comes to the many potholes in our road network. I think I've come to the conclusion that by moving up to 50 or 55 profile tyres I'm not going to choose XL rated ones.
  6. Wheel Transplant

    Thanks for taking a look. I was thinking that Ford might have switched to XL rated tyres on the 195 45 16 Fiesta's to reduce the number of buckled wheels that owners had reported. Here is a quote from a list of advantages of XL rated tyres: "Resistance to mechanical damage caused, for example, by driving at speed into the kerb." Changing to 195 50 16 and the resultant increase of profile may have negated the need for the XL rated tyres. With my limited research I have seen both XL and non-XL rated tyres on the 16" Mk7.5 Fiesta's with 195 50 16 tyres. I need to research some earlier Fiesta Titanium's to see if they were ever spec'd without XL tyres from 2008.
  7. Wheel Transplant

    Yes. It will say XL and/or 'Extra Load' after the tyre size markings if they are rated as such. Thanks again for taking a look.
  8. Wheel Transplant

    I've got the 16" Titanium alloy wheels that came with the car (2012 model), fitted with the original 195 45 16 tyres. I rotated the wheels a few years ago with the plan on getting them to all wear out at the same time so I can renew all 4 tyres at once, thus making it 'easier' to change tyre profile size.
  9. Wheel Transplant

    With the Mk7.5 Fiesta, Ford upped the tyre profile size on the Titanium and some models with 15" wheels. They got 195 55 15, instead of 195 50 15 and the Titanium went to what you have. I would be grateful if you could tell me if your 195 50 16 tyres are XL (eXtra Load) rated? Many thanks.
  10. Wheel Transplant

    Thanks for the reply. I didn't know about IDS. Reading about that at the moment. I'm not liking the hard ride on the 195 45 16 XL tyres. Thinking of changing to 195 55 16, non XL. That would give me the same rolling radius as the 195 60 15 option that is listed for my car that I understand they use in other non-UK markets. The other option is to find some Mk1 Focus 15" Ghia alloys and stick on 195 60 15. Either way I would prefer to have the speedo calibrated to match the larger rolling radius. Also need to call the insurance company to see how much they will charge for the change - if getting the insurance sorted for this change is too costly then I'll shelf the idea.
  11. Wheel Transplant

    I know this is an old thread but wondering how much it cost to have the vehicle updated with your new wheel/tyre size? Although the two tyre and wheel combinations stated are roughly identical in their rolling radius so nothing really needed changing on the speedo calibration?
  12. New Fiesta Reviews are in.

    I noticed something interesting in the new Fiesta brochure - something that is either incorrect, or the Top Gear review has got it wrong... Suspension: Front - Independent with MacPherson struts and anti-roll bar Rear - Independent Control Blade Multi-link system and anti-roll bar Anyone have access to the new Fiesta (or a link to a website with more detail?) that can take some photos of the rear suspension set-up? If it really has changed to independent I thought they would be making more of a fuss about it. Interesting to note that the wheel/tyre sizes have also moved up a size from the previous incarnation: 195/60/15 195/55/16 etc
  13. Hello everyone, I have a 2012 Fiesta 1.4 Titanium Automatic (UK Car). A few days ago I went out for a drive and noticed an odd noise coming from the front of the car. Long story short - front OS coil spring has snapped at the base. I managed to wiggle out the broken piece. Looking to replace the spring (and the one on the NS) but there seems to be some confusion with what springs my car needs. 3 Ford dealers have told me the part number I need is: 1547179 Searching through eBay and looking at genuine and non genuine springs this part points to fitments for Fiesta diesels. Looking through some Fiesta specs from 2012 it looks like my automatic 1.4 petrol is closer in kerb weight to the 1.4 diesel manual, than the 1.4 petrol manual - so this makes me think why Ford say this is the spring for my car. 1547179 from a Ford dealer are £100 each! I'm looking at Kilen springs, although the supplier I am talking to at the moment is trying to tell me that I should be going for the spring for the petrol 1.4 (the standard spring is 13446 and the part number for the lowered spring is 13448), whereas the Kilen part number for the Ford equivalent, 1547179, is 13447. Can anyone shed any light on this, or been in the same situation? Any help would be gratefully received. Many thanks!
  14. Yeah, sorry for confusing things. The more I look around the more I saw it referred to as a MK8 on ebay. I'll correct it again if the 2008-2012 Fiesta is known as the MK7 on this site.
  15. Thanks for the reply Mathrin. It sounds like Ford didn't bother with covering this section. I'm so anally retentive that I will no doubt fashion some felt trim to cover it :)