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  1. MikePaine

    Replacement Pollen Filter, Fiesta 2002

    There are very small arrows on the sides, but yeah you got it i think
  2. MikePaine

    Time For New Plugs?

    Fiestas love being thrashed haha, revvy little pots, sounds like a coil pack issue
  3. MikePaine

    Ford Cheek

    Thats a bargain, trouble is now most dealers, mine included are using a centralised booking base, so all calls go there instead of to the dealer you will actually visit, and sometimes not all the information is forwarded on. Let me know when it needs the next one!
  4. MikePaine

    Need New Tyres S1600/metal/zetec S

    Im rocking pirellis, i got for £75 each
  5. MikePaine

    Photo Of Rear Windscreen?

    Nope. Not missing. Was never there :)
  6. MikePaine

    Alloy Wheel Cleaning

    Halfords do alloy wheel brushes. Fair play Although. A much cheaper and highly effective alternative is a baby bottle brush! Tesco £4. Bargain On another topic the "hot wheel" cleaner is awesome
  7. MikePaine

    White S1600. What Wheels Shall I Sit Her On!

    Just don't know what to do to it! Want the short shifter and panel filter this month for sure
  8. MikePaine

    White S1600. What Wheels Shall I Sit Her On!

    Looks smart. Was looking at some white sparcos 17s. But not right spec for fez. Was gutted
  9. Trying to make her stand out in different shoes. So what shall it be?!
  10. MikePaine

    Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    I concur
  11. MikePaine

    Redlining An Engine

    Need for speed style would surely mean I have 16 gears and never have ill throttle down until I was just about to lose a race. THEN. Use full throttle. Them films baffle, yet still amaze me. New one next year!
  12. MikePaine

    I Don't Have Usb Port. Can I Still Update?

    Na mate unfortunately not. As far as I knew the only way to update it was via ids. I didn't know you could do it with a USB stick? Just to clarify you are trying to update radio yea? Finally no I don't have keyless start :(.
  13. MikePaine

    I Don't Have Usb Port. Can I Still Update?

    Sorry was aimed at poster. But just seen location. Been using mobile browser and it doesn't show this site in its fullest form!
  14. MikePaine

    Fiesta Mk7 Drl Fitting Guide!

    Also. These look awesome!!
  15. MikePaine

    Fiesta Mk7 Drl Fitting Guide!

    Possible. But against the rules