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  1. On the way to Kevin Hart #WhatNow https://t.co/e7FK2Lqf73

  2. Finishes work ... Im hungry and sexy... #FeedMeMyself

  3. Hmm .. Going St Lucia with @x3keke soon .. Thinking of what drink to try hmmmmmm

  4. I'm on the verge of getting rid of facebook and instagram .. its baby photo after baby photo #PedophilesDream

  5. “@x3keke: @thedashingdon Cuddle. Please. Chop chop x” im downstairs making a sandwich for you two hands at a time woman!

  6. Your mother is fat that when she jumped for joy.. she got stuck.

  7. So I'm in Durham for the weekend and I understand a word these niggas be saying .. its they're starting in mid sentence xx

  8. Somalian woman be lookin at me on the tube.. I look back thinking .. Do I wanna be a pirate .. Naahh geee black people aint made for swimmin


  10. Ferdinand Past it. Evra forgotten it. Evans never had it. Rafael doesnt know what it is.. Pathetic #bbcfootball

  11. RT @x3keke: @thedashingdon aha yes baaby! >> 5 mins I'm on my way!!! Btw were going for romantic dinner

  12. Ok mumford & sons hen next tune is eminem and d12 .. My music is too random

  13. Family guy is getting seriously !Removed!

  14. RT @x3keke: @thedashingdon its always warm :) >> why who's been lying in my spot?

  15. Dominating a game means !Removed! all if you don't win it.. I'd swap 7 first teams for a yaya toure or alex song