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  1. RT @JackieMorrisArt: Even as we mourn Bowie, Rickman, can we look to young creative talent and support it, them, their work. A new generati…

  2. Bored now! O2 network has let me down again. How am I supposed to keep track of teenagers in London without a mobile service?

  3. Fascinating day at TES SEN show!

  4. On the way home from an afternoon with Em spending her birthday haul!

  5. Party all done! 14 happy girls, one exhausted mum. Shopping trip with birthday loot planned for Sunday... Just the two of us :-)

  6. Distracting myself instead of preparing for Em's birthday party this afternoon. Fourteen 11 and 12 year old girls and me!

  7. Tell Thailand’s Environmental Minister to step up the fight against endangered species crime rings http://t.co/aT6uq0A via @causes

  8. Glad I walked the hounds early today! Vile weather...

  9. The moon is stunning this morning! A gorgeous, luminous buttermilk ball suspended between the trees of Dulwich woods. Worth getting up for?

  10. Oh, no! Car means 5:45 alarm for swimmer's training tomorrow. So much for socialising.

  11. Car's back and the first big change is apparent. 4:45 alarm for 5:30 swimming training. Roll on next August!

  12. Waiting for a train in the rain

  13. Nervous and excited to see what the builders have done. Heading back to Wales in the morning!

  14. Saw this on a morning walk along the Usk. No sign of its owner. Been wondering whether they were reunited! http://t.co/4GQiEAUQ