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  1. New 62 Fiesta Mk7

    Thank you for the great comments guys, it means a lot to have your approval. :) Im very happy with the armrest. I noticed on a couple of earlier posts that 1 or 2 people thought it was a little too high to be comfotable changing gear, but i myself feel it is a perfect height. You can still easily steer with your arm resting on it, and when my arm is fully resting flat, my hand is pretty well level with the top of the gear knob. The built in covered storage is also a welcome addition. Like alexp999 said, you can easily lift it up if you are changing gear often, though i myself havnt felt the need to do so. Of course i have only had it a couple of days. Hope this helps you. ;)
  2. New 62 Fiesta Mk7

    Hi, I joined this site about 2 months ago after ordering my new car. Well i finaly took delivery of it on Friday and am extreamly happy with it. However I was sad to see my old MK6 Zetec go though, after 4 years reliable service. The very rare additons of the tilt & slide sunroof and built-in 6 CD Auto changer will be greatly missed. I have now gone for the high spec Titanium model in Panther Black, with the added extras of 16'' 7 Spoke alloy wheels, and Interior Pack 2 which includes leather Handbrake, Illuminated Gear knob and Illuminated scuff plates. Having read several posts on here and getting various ideas, i spent several hours adding a few mods to my new car. Blue LED footwell bulbs, splicing an extention loom with bulb holders to provide rear footwell lighting. Boomerang XT Armrest, White LED license plate bulbs, and for novalty purposes, colour changing LEDs in the map reading bulb holders :)
  3. Hello Fellow Ford Fans

    Thank you :)
  4. Hi, My names Dan I have just joined this great site after having read a few forum posts, and figured i would rather be a member than simply a lurker. LOL I currently own a MK6 Fiesta 1.4 Zetec, 2004 plate, which has served me very well for the past 4 years now and i still love it. I'm attatching a couple of pics incase anyone is interested. However i have just recently ordered a 62 plate Fiesta 1.4 Titanium, with the Interior Pack 2 installed, and the 16'' 7 Spoke wheels. I seriously cannot wait!! :D I did consider a New Focus, but the Titanium trim i was after was just too out of my price range. Maby next time tho ;) This will be my 5th car, and appart from putting different headlamp and sidelight bulbs in, i have not modified any cars before. However, having read a few forums on here, i now have a few ideas of small add-ons / tweaks, i want to do to my new car. Somehow the new Fiesta just seems to lend itself to being modified, even in small ways. If you want to know more, please ask. Thanks, Dan
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums JaxxFanUK :)