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  1. Engine Malfunction - Service Now

    Steve, Ian, you were spot on, Ford have today confirmed it is the fuel filter!! Fingers crossed it'll be back by the weekend for me
  2. Engine Malfunction - Service Now

    Steve that servicing plan looks great, thank you, I'll be contacting my local Ford tomorrow 😊
  3. Engine Malfunction - Service Now

    So that's why it's suggested to take it for a high-revs run every month is it, to give the filter a bit of a blast? Or is that solely for the DPF regeneration thing? On second thoughts, perhaps it's the same thing, lol
  4. Engine Malfunction - Service Now

    Hi Steve Near freezing temperatures in my experiences too!! Sounds very similar, you've given a great explanation, I've read many posts struggling to explain the issue, thank you! It's back at the dealer now (Carshop Cardiff) who have booked it in with a Ford main dealer (Fordthorne Cardiff) for Tuesday, hopefully they'll given me an explanation instead of just handing the car back. I'm assuming your issues ceased after the filter was replaced? Many thanks Jody
  5. Small damage to dashboard trim

    Is this trim easy to remove and replace? Would the part come with a guide to replacement? I don't mind the cost, I'm just worried I'd cause more damage!
  6. Small damage to dashboard trim

    To be fair kgp that wrap looks great, but I'm the kind that if I was to modify something it would be with "original" parts, if that makes sense!!
  7. Engine Malfunction - Service Now

    Hi all Finally picked up my 12-plate Focus Titanium 1.6 diesel (59k) on Thursday last week, but have returned it to dealer tonight for "repair" and the dreaded "Engine Malfunction - Service Now" message came up yesterday. Now the problem seems to be that when I hit 3000rpm in 3rd and 4th gears the EM message appears and it goes into "limp-home" mode. I called the AA out, but the error is resetting itself immediately, so no codes readable! After eventually replicating the problem the AA bloke finally came up with P228C - Low Fuel Pressure and P165C - Electronic Thermostat. The car was/is OK to drive below 3000rpm, but for a car I've just paid for its not acceptable. Has anyone else had this problem? I've read that it could be something to do with the glow plug relay, others say the turbo, I've also seen the DPF mentioned but can't see that myself (very limited knowledge here). I have every faith in the dealer repairing it, I'm just wondering if any of you guys have had similar experiences and what your outcomes were! Thanks Jody
  8. Small damage to dashboard trim

    Hi all I'm wondering if anyone can share any tips on how to repair this "gouge" in my dashboard trim please? I'm not into wraps and the likes. I was thinking maybe a little filler and a touch of paint, so that it doesn't stand out so much (not that it stands out, it's just annoying me that it's there!). As always with you guys, any comments are welcome! Thanks Jody
  9. DTRL and front parking sensors

    Wow...I didn't expect that!! Thank you Jollyandy, I think you've saved me a few quid there! I assumed the wiring loom would already have a connector available for the strip of LED's to sit under the headlamp, but having looked at some of the guides on here and aftermarket kits available, I can see why the "in-grill" DRL's are more popular! I also didn't realise the sensors were self-levelling, I assumed they worked on a 90-degree peripheral vision kinda thing!! Pick up the vehicle this afternoon/evening :-) :-)
  10. DTRL and front parking sensors

    Hi guys Picking up my 12-plate Titanium Focus tomorrow, just wondering if any of you have any suggestions regarding fitting front parking sensors (colour-coded) and Daytime Running Lights (the ones in the headlights, not the grill). I'm not doing it myself!! I'm looking for someone in South Wales to do it for me professionally, somewhere near the Aberdare area but anywhere between Cardiff and Swansea would be fine. If you know of someone I could get a quote from, or have any ideas, itd be very much appreciated! Thanks!! Jody
  11. What should I look out for?

    Thank you Jollyandy, sound advice...I'm hoping I don't get to prove you wrong at all
  12. Hello!

    Thanks guys
  13. New Ford Owner!!

    Hey all, just about to join you all in owning a Ford! I have agreed a purchase on a 2009 59-plate Mondeo Econetic as below: (Mondeo 2007-, 1.8L Duratorq-TDCi ECO (125PS), Ink Blue (Metallic) Build Date: 22.10.2009 Vehicle Line: Mondeo 2007- Body Style: 5 Door Saloon Version: Series 40 Engine: 1.8L Duratorq-TDCi ECO (125PS) Transmission: 5-Speed Manual Trans - MTX75 Drive: RHD FWD Emission: Stage IV Emissions Air Conditioning: Dual Zone Auto Temp Control A/C Territory: (+)"GB" Paint: Ink Blue (Metallic) Interior Fabric: Daphne/Twill / Ebony I'm paying £6500, it has 53k miles on it, FHS, 1 owner from new. Does this sound like a worthwhile deal to you?? Either way, I'm looking at adding parking sensors to it so the missus doesn't destroy it (previous car was a Clio!), I'm not to fussed about doing it myself incase I get it wrong, and not sure how I go about getting someone to do them for me. Is it really as easy as people say? What can I expect to pay for someone doing it for me? I'm new to modding at the likes, but am open to new ideas, are there any you can pass on? Many thanks!! P.S. Also I'm not sure if I've done anything wrong on this post, or posted it in the wrong area!!
  14. Hi all, just about to join all you Focus drivers out there, but I've hit a stumbling block...I simply love Ford's, always have, but what has clinched the Focus for my missus (amongst other things) is the interior lighting!! Now, in the brochure, the Titanium shows a "red" colour light in the footwell...Ford states it as "Interior ambient lighting with LED technology and footwell courtesy lights". The Titanium X however shows the "ice blue" she has fallen in love with...Ford states this as "Interior ambient lighting with multi-colour LEDs". This has me confused. Does the Titanium only have the "red" footwell lights, or can you change the colour? Either way, I'm over the moon we've settled on the Focus, being a one-child family it simply cannot be faulted!! I just want to iron out the smaler details before getting over-excited and buying without checking everything. Thanks in advance for any comments you make guys!!
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums jodyjones1982 :)