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  1. Engine Carbon Clean Yes or No??

    Iv got a fuel filter here ready to go on soon as iv got oil an filter, coil an new leads to give it all a change.. it was only serviced (oil,oil filter, air filter an spark plugs) by my dad 12months ago (3500miles ago) its not been used much tbh due to ill health which prob hasnt helped i guess..
  2. Engine Carbon Clean Yes or No??

    The brakes an tyre pressures are perfectly fine.. tyre pressures were checked before i left..
  3. Engine Carbon Clean Yes or No??

    Its got no service history but was serviced 10 months ago by my dad an has only done 3500 miles since then.. A couple of weeks ago, i put petrol in an then it refused to start, got it towed home an was checking thru an found the fuel pump fuse had blown so replaced it an it ran abit better an hasnt done it again since but drove dartford on saturday and i had to work the gearbox an engine really hard to be able to get anywhere.. once at 80/85mph it ran ok up til i hit a hill then only way to get it to stay at speed is drop it into 3rd.. drop it into 4th an it still wouldnt make any difference an no power..
  4. My 2000 ford focus 1.8 petrol with 140K on clock has been running !Removed! and is completely gutless and struggles to get up hills at motorway speeds etc an its got every1 completely baffled as to why.. Does anyone think an engine carbon clean would make any difference to it?? Seen a company that comes to your house for £99 so thinking of giving it ago..
  5. 2000 Focus Smoking Inside

    Hi.. The fan is working perfect on all speeds.. it only done it that 1 time and didnt do it when i used it 5 mins later to go shops and back..
  6. 2000 Focus Smoking Inside

  7. 2000 Focus Smoking Inside

    Il keep an eye on it.. im guna be using it tomorrow.. i dont use it very much these days.. (health makes driving painful) but cant be without a car.. im guna be lookin for another car in summer so just gotta make it last til then.. lol.. never buying a blue car again.. i know coil an leads need replacing end of month so maybe they will help.. !Removed! cars.. lol..
  8. 2000 Focus Smoking Inside

    I couldnt see where it was coming from, i did try an look.. it wasnt loads of smoke but you could see it if that makes sense and the smell was awful.. but whats baffled me is when i got back in 5 mins later, the smell was still there for a few mins but nothing else happened.. id have thought if nothing had changed as in heaters were still on an heated window was on it would have done it again.. Blue cars seem to hate me for some reason.. any other colour i dont have any problems.. lol..
  9. 2000 Focus Smoking Inside

    Hi people.. iv got a 2000 W reg focus 1.8 Petrol.. it struggled to start, only managed to get it started with throttle hard to the floor then i drove 2 mins then could smell burning then sum smoke coming from passenger side footwell.. turned it off an got out, left it 5 mins then it started an hasnt smelt of burning or an smoke so used it and apart from running like a bag of nails(leads n coil need changing i think) it ran ok.. would smoking inside be caused by leads or coil or what else could have caused it.. the heaters were on full but the whole time i used it so cant be that..
  10. 1998 1.6 Zetec Idle Problem

    My escort has always had the same problem in the 4yrs iv had it.. i was told idle control valve but i found if i gave it a really good hammering for a couple days, it would sort it out, then beginning of summer and beginning of winter it would do it again, but gave it a really good hammering and it sorted it out again..
  11. W Reg Focus Starting & Running Problems

    The diagnostic reader ya plug in said no codes but iv just looked up how to do dash test and that brings up the low voltage code.. so defo the battery.. thankyou for ya help guys.. :-)
  12. W Reg Focus Starting & Running Problems

    I plugged it into diagnostic thing an it says NO fault codes stored..
  13. W Reg Focus Starting & Running Problems

    Thankyou.. Its having a new battery tomorrow afternoon so hopefully that will sort it.. i only want it til new year then i wanna try and get a slightly newer focus.. do you think its most likely due to lack of use.. iv dont less than 2000 miles in 6 months and 1800miles of that was long runs.. do you think the coil from a 1998 ford escort 1.6 zetec will work on the 1.8 focus zetec engine just to see if thats why she ticks over !Removed! and hunts.. iv got my old escort sat in garage doing nothing til i can get round to selling it.. (taken me a year so far lol)
  14. Hi. I have a 2000(W) ford focus 1.8 Zetec petrol.. Some times it will start and other times it will just keep turning over, not even trying to actually fire.. when this happens all the dash dials go mental.. And when it does actually fire up, the revs "hunt" and sounds like !Removed! ticking over and when driving it loses power especially on hills an when pulling out of a juction quickly.. iv been told it could be battery giving up or immobiliser packing up.. any1 got any ideas, if cant repair it cheaply then dont know what il do, prob have to scrap it.. it doesnt actually get used that much lately but now its unreliable, im not risking using it at all..
  15. Insurance For Young Drivers...

    Hi.. when your 25 it does go down abit (im 26).. 2yrs ago i had a 1.8 ford mondeo and i was paying £600 a year, im picking up a '98 ford escort 1.6 in 2 weeks and my insurance company (elephant) want £800.. but i dont want to cancel the insurance iv already got coz only had it 7months and i really need to build a no claims.. iv been driving 9yrs but only 5yrs with a licence but i still have NO NO CLAIMS BONUS coz i get bored after 6months, so sell it an cancel insurance.. so £800 i guess aint bad but i dont see why its more expensive to insure a 1.6 escort than a 1.8 mondeo.. i always put both my parents on my insurance as named drivers which knocks a couple hundred quid off.. insurance companys will rip u off if they can get away with it..