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  1. Dear Mr White. Thank you for the kind further advice. It may well be worth my while looking into it. On the other hand the other gentleman that kindly responded to my query felt "without a shadow of a doubt" that the problem was going to be a gearbox problem with worn teeth on 3rd gear. I would be grateful for further comments on this . Someone today suggested putting some liquid into the gearbox called Molyslip, saying this might help, reducing wear on the gearbox. Yours truly Ian
  2. Dear Sir (Swhite) I am grateful for your kind advice - I wonder if you would recommend getting replacement cables for the gear selector or just resetting them. Also would you kindly advise - would I have to install the cables for gear selector through the area near the gear change lever or elsewhere. Is it a difficult job, and as for the cables - how many cables are there and are they expensive. Would one get new or second hand cables. your kind assistance is appreciated thanks Ian
  3. Dear Forum members. As a layman not having mechanical knowledge of cars , I wish to request advice please about my car, which I only bought recently second hand. The car is in vg working order, but what I find is that sometimes (but not every time-perhaps one time in four) when selecting first gear, and moving off, I find the gear has not engaged. In fact when this happens there is a slight grating and I have to push the gear lever in again to engage it properly and it usually does go in second attempt, sometimes with slight crunch. Just now and then when I put it in first gear it immediately pops out again, but this is rare. The problem does not happen on any of the other four forward gears, or reverse, except just very occasionally with third gear. I am wondering whether this indicates wear on gearbox, or whether some other part of the car might be involved. Should anyone be able to advise in regard to this I would be very grateful. I dont want to get a replacement gear box then find it wasnt a gearbox problem at all. Yours with thanks in advance Ian
  4. Dear Forum members I am a new member and wish to request advice about my newly bought second hand car-the above Ford Focus. I am not very knowledgeable about cars by the way. In a nutshell there is a smoke problem. When I start up and rev the engine, it is sometimes has a lot of bluish smoke. Other times, although there is some smoke, it isnt as bad. I have only driven it a bit so far, but from the drivers seat looking through the mirror the smoke doesnt seem too bad, although I understand one has to be behind the car to see properly the smoke. furthermore I havent driven it fast yet eg on the motorway Other than this the car is a lovely smooth drive, and there is no rough feel to the engine. It seems to me a novice quite lively. Please can anyone advise what might be the fault with the car. Is the engine just worn, or is some other part faulty. Would it be possible to get a diagnosis. is there any chance the car can be fixed. It wasnt a very expensive car. Any help or advice would be most welcome. Yours sincerely Ian
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums kasfig :)