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  1. Service Help- Focus 1.6 Ti-Vct

    I need to service my car (Focus 1.6 (petrol) Ti-VCT. I have just bought a Pipercross panel filter to replace the standard air filter and am now looking for other service parts of which I have questions. What 5w30 oil would be best for this car? As for an oil filter I am just going to buy a standard one. I have looked on the car and in the Haynes manual and yet can't seem to find a fuel filter :S I am probably just being blind but can someone give me a hand? I was looking at getting some iridium spark plugs to replace what's in there now but heard stories that they don't work well with the car, anyone got any info on this?
  2. My Focus

    My Focus 1.6 Zetec Climate
  3. Mk2.5 (Facelift) Diesel?

    So here is a question that might kick off quite a bit of debate. At the moment I have a 1.6 Ti-VCT Mk 2 Focus, don't get me wrong I love the car, it's only 115 bhp and I have had a few issues with it but it's fantastic. With the way fuel is increasing in price I have been looking at diesel facelift Foci. The question is...What diesel engine is the best? Obviously the small the engine the more economy and the larger the engine the more power...but you can improve either with a few mods and a remap. So does anyone own any diesel versions, and if so, what common problems have you been having?
  4. Best Service Parts

    I am looking to service my 1.6 Ti-VCT Focus shortly and want to know which parts people think are best. The only ones I think can have any difference in them are; air filter, oil and spark plugs. I am looking for a panel air filter as an induction kit on this car will kill it. I was looking at Pipercross and K & N. As for oil I don't have a clue so any ideas are welcome. Spark plugs I was looking at iridium ones but heard they may knacker the coil pack for some reason. Any one have views on this?
  5. New Zetec-S Not So Ecoboost

    Will also depend on where you drive, I have a 55 plate 1.6 zetec and its supposed to get 32 mpg urban with 42 mpg combined. I do roughly drive half motorway half city but I will find I struggle to hit 33mpg. Combined is made from 45% city driving and 55% motorway, anything extra above 45% does actually make a huge difference. Also try and calculate the MPG yourself, do not always rely on the onboard computer to do. Fill up your tank, drive around, fill it up again and use that amount against what you have driven to calculate the MPG. But as HAZ said, bed the engine in first, use some engine cleaner as well to clear out new stuff coming off of the engine then judge it again.
  6. Focus Mk2 Mod Ideas

    I've seen people putting 'garage doors' in the centre console in front of the gearstick, can someone tell me where to get one or have a part number for one from ford?
  7. Focus Mk2 Mod Ideas

    I have been looking at installing interior lights in the footwells. I know some Foci have bulb holders and I have looked but can't find any. Does anyone have a decent pic of a bulb holder that I can compare mine to?
  8. Focus Mk2 Mod Ideas

    The lights were from eBay, I can't find the exact seller but ones like; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/55w-Ultra-Bright-H1-H7-501-Xenon-White-Main-Dipped-Side-Headlamp-Light-Bulbs-/281015284299?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item416dd0f24b They aren't the brightest as some go to 100W but I think the are superb.
  9. Focus Mk2 Mod Ideas

    What head unit have you got?
  10. Cold Start Problem

    I can here all the clicking after the engine is turned off so it is returning to the cold start positions. I checked my cam belt timing and that is all OK, it is very intermittent though, and since I have a new high pressure line put on the power steering pump (due to a leak from the compression nut on the pump) it isn't as common, but I know that didn't help it, there is no way it could have.
  11. Focus Mk2 Mod Ideas

    I would like a screen, or at least something that doesn't make it look like two single dins stuck together! Just something compatible with the iPhone so i can plug it in, charge it and play music through it. I installed an aux cable on my current 6000CDS but its a pain using the iphone to change tracks. Also something that is compatible with the control stalk on the steering wheel would be ace!
  12. Focus Mk2 Mod Ideas

    It's been a while but I am finally back on here and now paying for more stuff :D I have just ordered a new performance air filter and NGK Iridium spark plugs. Hopefully just get a smoother ride and maybe a brake in increased power. I am now looking at wrapping my stereo surround since the garage scratched it taking the radio out! I have given up on the DAB radio and am now just looking at double din head units with iphone compatibility. Anyone have any ideas of which are good? Preferably below the £300 mark.
  13. Power Steering Fluid Leak

    Same problem with mine, there is a metal pipe coming off of the power steering pump (on the front) it is a high pressure line with pushes into the compression nut. The seals often go on Foci and need changing. Nasty business is the pipe cannot be removed with damaging it. Easy way to check is to start the engine and then look for a leak from the connection into the pipe. I took mine to a garage and they charged me £180 for the work which covers £15 for the nut, £80 for the high pressure line, steering fluid and labour, so not bad considering its a pain to fix (even after taking out the alternator for better access).
  14. Water In Spare Wheel Well.

    I had this problem, after going online and looking for solutions i.e. through trim pieces and boot hinges etc I found it was the rubber insert for the rear light. Easy fix is to just whack some ordinary sealant in there and plunge the light back into it. leaking has stopped and I tested getting the light back out with no problems (just have to remember to put more sealant on after).
  15. Help Please

    I had the same problem with mine, the high pressure inlet pipe for the power steering pump goes into a compression nut on the power steering pump. Turns out the seal inside this nut had gone and the needed to replace it. Bummer is that you cannot remove the pipe without damaging it so I filled the reservoir, drove it to a garage and one compression nut, high pressure pipe and £180 late i got it back all fixed, all be it with an overfilled reservoir!