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  1. just make sure that the sensors allow to be painted. some do, some don't. The thinner the layer the better, this applies to both paint and clearcoat. I had a problem with false positives from a sensor and after scratching just a little part of the (relatively) thick clearcoat I had applied everything became fine. You can get the colour code and order it in spray form and of course a spray clearcoat (not sure if ford sells them in spray form). I did it with the touch up brush from the ford touch up kit, that's why I ended up overapplying. sent from my foolphone using tapatalk! xD
  2. I don't know what exactly a CANBUS car is, but you could try going to a ford service center and ask that question. The ecoboost engine is diffrent than the older one, but other than that I think that the rest of the car just had a facelift, so I would expect wiring to be the same. If no member here can answer this, try asking ford. In my case the electrician gave me thorough instructions. sent from my foolphone using tapatalk! xD
  3. Air Filter Age

    If the receipt of the service center has an air filter billed, then I wouldn't go back to the same center, as they would be clearly robbing their customers. If the service receipt (or report) is not in with your car, ask the previous owners if they still have it. Having said that, the service center that I go to, does not replacs the filter each year. They "check it visually and replace it if necessary". I had been taking it out and blasting it with an air compressor, so during the first three years it remained in better condition as yours, so they didn't replace it until the third service. Of course they did not chrage me either. sent from my foolphone using tapatalk!
  4. If it is clean and still comes up with this issue, check the adhesion tape. It will take a lot of beating with moisture etc down there, so give it a look and let us know.
  5. Hmmm, it seems bird poo can cause more issues than etching on the paintwork :) good to know its back up and running! sent from my foolphone using tapatalk! xD
  6. It has happened to me as well with dirt. I painted mine with a brush (not paint) and got it too thick on a sensor. When it got dirty it happened to give false positive detections. That happened with rain drops too! The solution was scratching a bit of the clearcoat of the specific sensor and now it works fine. If your set is more sensitive to make it work through the bumper (detection distances imply it is) then a dirty bumper could justify the false detection. At least in my opinion...
  7. That's exactly what I guessed of too! Keep us posted mate, good luck!
  8. Audio Control Panel Issue

    Back to Ford? It is not a new car, it is four years old and out of warranty. You probably mean to ask an authorized ford center. I am sure they will recommend to change the whole thing, but many guys here tweak their cars and maybe someone knows if I can avoid unecessary expenses. Below every button, there is a switch. My question is if I can change the switch below. Thanks for your time though.
  9. Hello! I am having an issue with the auxiliary button on my audio control panel. The button becomes less and less responsive and I need to press it harder to function. Is it possible to replace the switch behind it or will I have to change the entire panel with all the buttons? What cost will I be looking at? A quick ebay search gave me prices around 70pounds but I'd like to know if there is a way to change the actual switch behind the button. Thanks in advance!
  10. Passenger Window Keeps Going Down!

    I had another type of malfunction, my drivers window wouldn't go all the way up on the second click (2009 model, titanium). There is a way to reset the window mechanism, and it solved my problem. If I remember correctly, when a window is all the way up, you click the switch three times to go up, or hold for three seconds and release. This reset my window setting and solved the situation. Refer to your manual for the exact procedure. Hope this helps...
  11. good to hear it turned out nice mate! And a really good thing your gf had fun helping with the car!!! enjoy!
  12. good to know! keep in mind that you might need to do a bit of spot cleaning since the EM tape is adhesive (see the pics of step 3). let us know about its responsiveness. good luck!
  13. M4rc, they look fine mate! Negendahl, I had heard of these, but was doubtful. Good thing that you don’t need to drill the bumper, but plz let us know how detection works ;)
  14. Window Wipers

    This makes sense, but you can't be sure how long they store them. We should also keep in mind that the wear depends on how often the wipers work, and how dirty the windscreen is when they do. I have kept the factory blades for very long, by keeping the car clean and using rain repellent (keeps water away and dirt from sticking with it). And to the point, the extra inch sounds appealing to me. Extra visibility won't hurt as long as you make sure the range of wiping is entirely on the windscreen. Maybe unnecessary as said before, but I wouldn't mind it. And I definitely have no problem installing the same as now. So it is up to each one's preference I guess...
  15. Glad it worked out mate! Can't see the pic from the mobile, when back home I'll check it out. Enjoy!