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  1. aps67

    Possible Mk3 Boot Leak?

    Looking at those pictures it looks to me like the issue is from the outer cavities , which will be flooded to a high level then seeping through where you see the black foam sticky stuff , then draining into the boot area on movement of the car , it has also given me an idea ... when im back on fixit duty ill take a look at those foam sticky things and look to making them more water tight or even smother them completely with sealing stuff , how easy was it to remove the fittings back to the fuse box ? The issue is the outer cavities which are not visible on the pics , you'll need to remove or part remove the rear bumper then you'll see that larger vent behind which the water collects , all will become apparent when you get there , it did with me ! regards
  2. aps67

    Possible Mk3 Boot Leak?

    Fantastic thread this ! I had the same issue so spent a good 2 hours last week doing the fix , on checking the underneath cavity grommets an hour ago (on my back under the car) it appears the leak is still in progress ! But i do suspect its due to the fact i couldn't get the top right corner of the bigger vent sealed correctly due to a plastic bit which covers part of one corner , ill have a faff about with that some other time , maybe squeeze a load more sealant into one of the visible holes on it ... Anyway underneath the car i popped one of the cavity grommets and managed a couple of fingers in the hole and had a feel about ... soaked insulation !! So i managed to drag the insulation through the grommet hole as stated above it just holds moisture , insulation now in the bin . I have also left the grommets out so any potential water will simply drain back out underneath from the open hole . So next fix when its a dry day will re-seal the rear lights with grease and go around the flat cornered vent parts i couldn't get a full squeeze of silicone with . Feeling happy with the current work done though , both cavities were totally flooded. Big help to all who have posted here !
  3. aps67

    Sony Dab Radio Upgrade

    Ive recently upgraded my Sony MP3 fac fit to a DAB version , read all the info regarding changing aerials etc etc I bought a magnetic mount aerial off fleebay and it sits in the boot (foor) and gives me spot on reception ! Well worth the £11.99 inc delivery ! The aerial sits on the boot floor to the right corner so clear of anything , sticks through the hook eye hole in the carpet and is only 5" high ! Just another thought if your interested .
  4. Further to this adapter thingy i need , ive been searching around & it looks like they are freely available for "brands" such as kenwood, sony,pioneer etc .. Has anyone used or any knowledge of them at all (adapters) ? thanks again
  5. Dont get me wrong , i really do like unit , it works near pefectly apart from the pesky stalk controls... Everything else is spot on really .. BUT i do miss the remote control from the stalk. Now of they made one which is DAB then that would be perfect. cheers
  6. Good stuff James , any ideas on where i can one at all ? Im assuming then itll just be a loom in-line type of affair . cheers
  7. I only removed it to test , it doesnt work either way. I read somewhere that my "control" is analogue therefore did not need the canbus box. When i press the test in the steeringwheel setup on the unit it displays the values : 255 / 255 or something like. But when i attempt to program the unit with the stalk controls i get nowhere with the canbus box in situe. is it correct that removing the box is the right thing to do , you see this is where it confuses the whatever out of me .(by removing the box its simply a plugin to the loom thing) Should it work without the canbus box right away with no splicing of wires etc ? Should it work with the canbus box with my spec of car right away ? cheers
  8. Hi , first of thanks thanks for the reply ... .yes its the mk2 with 2.5 centre from factory The model of car is a late 07 Focus Ghia. As mentioned i suspect its the analogue system so the canbux box has been removed out of the loom of the aftermarket unit as it simply plugs inline with the loom Will it be the "spare" wires on the unit loom that seem to be a just in case .. as i recall there were maybe 2 or 3 wires labled but they were not bare ends they we sealed ends if that makes sense. thanks again
  9. Piccy attached now , see unit & steering controls Thanks again
  10. Hi all, i really need to pick everyones brains here if i could ... Purchased an aftermarket unit for my 07 Focus Ghia , you know the one ... gps/dvd etc etc Now .. the issue is trying to get the steering wheel controls to work .. I have the "stalk" controls attached to the steering column , so i guess its an analogue system , i simply cannot get the controls to take or even work from the stalk , i understand that as the unit came with a canbus box i need to remove than from the loom , which is fair enough ill do that .. but then what do i have to do to get this working. ? Is it something then to do with the "spare" wires i have on the unit loom ? for example key1 etc etc etc What do i have to do ? an idiots guide really would help. Many thanks in advance (ill attach an image of the unit later)
  11. aps67

    New Dvd Satnav Unit Fitted (Pics)

    All now seems easy enough , ill wire the cam off the reverse sensor box , have a faff tmrw . Ill link to pics of the unit also so far pretty impressive if im honest , although still no steering wheel controls i guess ill live cheers
  12. aps67

    New Dvd Satnav Unit Fitted (Pics)

    Bingo ! cheers
  13. aps67

    New Dvd Satnav Unit Fitted (Pics)

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-170-Lens-Angle-Car-Rear-View-Reverse-Backup-Parking-CCD-COMS-Colour-Camera-/271004037453?pt=UK_In_Car_Technology&hash=item3f1919714d Thats the jobby , if you see it has a seperate power lead , red plug , but the 5mtr rca cable has a thin red wire offf each end not shown in piccy.. odd cheers
  14. aps67

    New Dvd Satnav Unit Fitted (Pics)

    Another quick question ... I just picked up the reverse camera for the unit and on the video lead ( phono/rca - phono/rca) each end also has a thin red wire with bare end . any thoughts or ideas what this red wire is ? thanks in advance
  15. aps67

    What Tyres.

    I second that , to be honest stay clear ! I heard stories then it happend to me , enought said Go to a "reputable" company , black circles is a good site , also a site called tyrereviews , very good info there.