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  1. SeanW

    Best way in removing baked on road tar ?

    Except my mistake actually worked, and didn't damage anything hehe If it's wooden, just a light sanding & either varnish or wax.
  2. SeanW

    Newbie so confused!

    I've been a fan of Osram Nightbreakers for a long time. I'm almost excited for the van to pop its bulbs so I have an excuse to change 'em... ...aaallllltttthhhhhoooouuuuuugggggghhhhh...The missus did say "the lights are crap!" she said the same about the horn, so I changed that - but for some reason I'm not getting power to the I don't think she's keen for me to fiddle anymore ☹️
  3. SeanW

    Best way in removing baked on road tar ?

    Cheap furniture polish does... Discovered accidentally whilst grabbing blindly for a tin of WD40, picked up the Asda Smart Price polish and didn't realise until I'd sprayed it. Grumbled to myself, went to wipe it off and the tar came off too
  4. SeanW

    Breakdown cover

    Yep - I'll give my vote to these guys too.
  5. SeanW

    Things I Don't Like

    I flick through TikTok every so often... It's mostly strange cosplay people doing lip syncs and the such like. Every so often you find a good video. My dislike: I volunteered to write an admin system for cadets using's getting's dirty, but mostly working lol
  6. SeanW

    Things I Do Like

    *****...please...unless you needed towing out, you ain't done it properly 🤣🤣 When I traded the Focus in, the salesman asked me about the sticker above my read "THIS IS NOT A 4X4" Given their history, amma gonna go out on a limb and say deliberate 🤣😁
  7. SeanW

    Things I Do Like

    To be fair, I've had the van since August and never washed it lol (In my defence I was away for summer, so it was the OH driving it...and umm,'s winter and I hate washing cars in winter lol)
  8. SeanW

    Things I Do Like

    You'd soon change your mind looking at my van 😂 You can actually trace the spray patterns up off the wheels and from passing traffic lol I'll grab a pic in a bit lol
  9. I used to use the Lidl stuff - was really good quality. Haven't seen it for a few years though 😞
  10. Aye - it does sound a bit iffy... Obviously, the air is warmed by the engine coolant, so stands to reason that when the engine is off, it won't be as warm. But, I would expect that the air should stay warm for a few minutes after engine-off. Unless the coolant isn't particularly warm to begin with - which could be an indication of a failed thermostat. Or possibly an airlock in the coolant system. Does the engine temperature appear normal? (Not sure how it's setup on the Focus - I know some cars have the temp run the ECU, so they display cold, normal or too hot, nothing in between). Is the air as hot as you'd expect when it is running? Any strange gurgling sounds from behind the dash? With the bonnet up, and engine warm, are the coolant hoses all similar temperatures to the touch? (Usually big rubber hoses). With a cold engine, it may also be worth giving them a squeeze - you might feel/hear if there's any air in them. My only experience with dodgy car heating was on a Mk2 Punto with the notorious 1.2l FIRE engine. It went through thermostats almost as quickly as headgaskets....
  11. SeanW

    Things I Do Like

    I am now the proud owner of a laser engraver. A 40w chinese import (quite a good quality one looking at it). £400 machine for £75 😁 Now to start modding it...
  12. SeanW

    Things I Do Like

    Whilst looking at mortgages, our first adviser required bank statements...but they wouldn't accept electronic copies. Downloaded PDF printed, scanned and emailed was perfectly fine though? ...oddly enough...I didn't continue using that adviser much longer...
  13. SeanW

    How To Eat A Cream/Custard Slice?

    Take the top off, then eat them
  14. SeanW

    Things I Don't Like

    The weather across Biscay. I'm stuck in Gibraltar on a small ship that can't sail in the current 6m swell in Biscay. Admittedly, there are worse places to be stuck...but some of the locals are brazen thieves!!
  15. SeanW

    Things I Don't Like

    +1 for Spigen. Had mine on my S7 for ages - done well to protect the phone!