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  1. If in doubt - ring and ask your insurer. My insurance company don't care - but it's a commercial van policy, so comes under sign-writing as far as they're concerned. Previously, I've had insurers who just about want you to declare if you're wearing new pants.
  2. My old Focus was happiest on Shell regular/Fuel Save. Premium made no noticeable difference. Morrisons petrol was crap...car would be lumpy, down on power and a noticeable drop in economy. Even my mum noticed! Sainsbury's and Tesco generally were okay - about the same as Shell. Mondeo was quite happy on whatever diesel I could be bothered to drop in...same with the van
  3. Wedding on Saturday... ...mine... (Only kidding - should be in the Things I DO like thread - just not as amusing 😁)
  4. Must be something in the air... I went to collect daughter-dearest from work whilst my dearly beloved went to the toilet. As I walked back in, she proudly announced that she had in fact blocked the toilet and had to use the new plunger (it's a regular occurrence...she suffers with gastroparesis...so bowel movements are far and few between) Not even "Oh, hi!" straight in with "Hehe...I blocked the toilet again!" ...still...at least I know what I've let myself in for next week!
  5. As south_bound said - use an existing hole. the towbar wire will squeeze through the existing grommet - might want to add a little lube (a spritz of WD40 on the rubber grommet can help it become more pliable - just be careful as it is more prone to tearing...yes, there speaks the voice of experience!) Stick the bumper back on once the bar is installed - you can do the wiring later without having to take it off again. The bumper should just come off with a few bolts, a couple of plastic clips and a bit of gentle persuasion. All in all, should only take a few hours to do the whole lot - including the wiring. A set of ramps does make life a lot easier!
  6. I used to be active on the Fiat Forum (first car was a Punto). Few of the classic Panda 4x4 owners used to go out green laning with the usual array of "big boys" (Defenders, Disco's, Landcruisers, Shoguns etc etc). The little Pandas kept up with 'em - didn't even break into a sweat doing so! Something to be said about them little motors!!
  7. Part of the CBT process does mean it gets worse before it gets better. It worked very well for me - but, that's probably because 80% of it is identical to the leadership & management training I've already had...just turned inwards rather than other people. My first 3 sessions were horrendous! I felt so much worse when I left. But, my counsellor was very upfront and honest right in the beginning and told me that would likely happen. You need to get to the route of your issues - to be 100% honest with yourself. That's hard. You chip away at it little by little...then all of a sudden, it hits you! Like a runaway freight train. Obviously, I'm not a counsellor - so can't tell you how to do it, but I can share my experiences. I started with the expected major unload. Then started looking at each bit individually. Some things weren't effecting me as much as others...so they were dealt with fairly quickly - it's just that they added to the overall problem. Getting to the nitty-gritty was hard. I had to admit things that I hadn't even admitted to myself. Once that was out, it started to get easier. I know it sounds stupid, but writing down things helped in the beginning. I'd split a page into 3 columns - My problem/issue as a title with my thoughts, emotions and what I need to do to stop that as the 3 columns. After a while, I stopped needing to write it down...granted, I still talk to myself - but hey...don't we all. The biggest issues with CBT are that you need to be fully committed to it, trust in your counsellor to guide you through it, put in shed-loads of effort and be able to open up - even to yourself. I was surprised at what issues (and how many) were affecting me at the time. Admittedly, this was also done in conjunction with medication. I came off my meds last year, had a big wobble back in June, and am now back on different meds...due to be going back to work shortly.
  8. Yep...all kit used onboard our ships is intrinsically safe (even the non-tankers...makes life easier...apparently...) It does amuse me how the rules are applied for personal devices. We can't use them out on deck during cargo operations, but if we step back a couple paces, off the main deck area, we're suddenly no longer in the flammable envelope and can use our phones...
  9. She's gorgeous!! And has mischief written all over her lil' face 😁 Mine is now 2...still a knob, but wouldn't change the fuzzy ratbag lol
  10. SeanW

    Phone Holder

    Definitely Brodit!! www.drivesafeandlegal.co.uk is the cheapest UK supplier I've found (had them in 3 vehicles over the last 5-6 years...still on the original phone holder - just the mounts that change)
  11. Vivaro isn't too bad. Lacks the refinement of Ford - but it's comfy enough, quick enough and it's tolerating life under my ownership so far
  12. My other half is a sod for leaving it in gear! That and leaving the seat all the way forward...
  13. There should be a polystyrene tray in the middle too
  14. What you can't see is the other 60 packets he'd already eaten 😁
  15. The rechargeable one is considerably more...but LED Lenser are sensible and provide over-charge protection as standard on their batteries. The cheapo £2 Amazon or ebay specials are alright usually. Perfect if you're likely to lose it anywhere. Think a pack of batteries costs more these days
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