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  1. Yep...all kit used onboard our ships is intrinsically safe (even the non-tankers...makes life easier...apparently...) It does amuse me how the rules are applied for personal devices. We can't use them out on deck during cargo operations, but if we step back a couple paces, off the main deck area, we're suddenly no longer in the flammable envelope and can use our phones...
  2. She's gorgeous!! And has mischief written all over her lil' face 😁 Mine is now 2...still a knob, but wouldn't change the fuzzy ratbag lol
  3. SeanW

    Phone Holder

    Definitely Brodit!! is the cheapest UK supplier I've found (had them in 3 vehicles over the last 5-6 years...still on the original phone holder - just the mounts that change)
  4. SeanW

    Vauxhall Meme

    Vivaro isn't too bad. Lacks the refinement of Ford - but it's comfy enough, quick enough and it's tolerating life under my ownership so far
  5. My other half is a sod for leaving it in gear! That and leaving the seat all the way forward...
  6. There should be a polystyrene tray in the middle too
  7. What you can't see is the other 60 packets he'd already eaten 😁
  8. The rechargeable one is considerably more...but LED Lenser are sensible and provide over-charge protection as standard on their batteries. The cheapo £2 Amazon or ebay specials are alright usually. Perfect if you're likely to lose it anywhere. Think a pack of batteries costs more these days
  9. I have a rechargeable Lenser - with the 18650 battery. Battery life is pretty good considering how bright it is.
  10. I wanted to get the van trip counter to 8008.5 miles. Missed it though ☹
  11. I'm surprised I haven't had any silly offers on this's up at £270 - last time I sold something close to that price, I was offered £20. Yep...Twenty pounds.
  12. People who don't read the description of items you are selling!! Currently selling a laser engraver/cutter on Facebook - quite clearly states in the description that it does not cut metal, and that to engrave metal, there needs to be some sort of coating applied first. Of the half dozen people who've enquired - of them has asked if it cuts/engraves metal! I suspect it's more "I don't want to spend £300-odd on this...but I don't want to outright tell you, so I'll ask a stupid question instead!" I wouldn't mind if the question hadn't already been answered in the ad. I'd much prefer someone says "Thanks bud, but it's not for me!" Or even no message at all...
  13. So pleased mine has stopped trying to eat poo. She does, however need a good grooming. Does she let me do her really fluffy bits? Noo...of course she doesn't...
  14. I got cold earlier and haven't been able to warm up since. This is very unusual for me.
  15. My mum had a Sony system from the mid-80's. Sat virtually unused for years! Turned on again about 3 years ago - sounded awesome! (Even just regular radio). Unfortunately, about 10 minutes later there was a fizz-crackle-pop and the distinct smell of electrical bits burning. I suspect that the solder had dried out and was was over 30 years old!