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  1. SeanW

    Things I Do Like

    House purchase is finally complete!! And we've already started wrecking the joint 😁 The former landlord (partner's brother) is coming to shift some of his old crap, so I cleared a little bit if ivy from the entrance to the old orangery. wasn't really all that safe...the ivy brought the pillars down with it 😂😂 The wisteria and the raspberry tree (it's at least 40 years old and no longer fruits) are going along with the ivy!!
  2. SeanW

    Things I Don't Like

    My dog says that she doesn't believe everything she reads in the media 😁
  3. SeanW

    Things I Do Like

    Going home on Tuesday 😁
  4. SeanW

    Things I Don't Like

    Case 2: Actually, the reason for that is habit - get the kids in the habit of donning their hi-vis vest before cycling. It's a muscle memory thing. We do similar when we conduct our drills and exercises - BA sets on, hoses rigged and charged, all equipment run out to the scene etc
  5. SeanW

    Things I Don't Like

    I'm Duty Officer because we're on the buoy in Plymouth, I can't go to bed until the last liberty boat has been and gone at midnight. I just want to go to bed!
  6. SeanW

    Things I Do Like

    I can't remember if it was red or burgundy...might have been green...or was it the white one? 😂😂
  7. SeanW

    Things I Do Like

    A few years ago, my best mate got bored...decided to het a quote for a was cheaper to insure than his car at the time - an Astra 😂
  8. SeanW

    Things I Do Like

    You, sir, are a man of many talents! That's a cracking idea, and you've got the kids involved too!! Awesome, absolutely awesome!
  9. SeanW

    Things I Don't Like

    I presume you've tried cleaning out the phone port? I had issues with mine because of fluff covering the contacts. Barely visible and took a careful prod with a pin to dislodge. A squirt of compressed air doesn't hurt either!
  10. SeanW

    Things I Don't Like

    I can't believe that I actually like a Vauxhall...when I test drove it, I was fully expecting to turn around and it was ***** awful But it's actually pretty good I hate myself for saying it 😂
  11. SeanW

    Things I Do Like

    Please forgive for this... ...the new van - the Vivaro... It's so much nicer than the Vauxhall cars I've been in recently. Drove it home from Weymouth and even after being sat behind the wheel for a few hours, I was still able to get out and walk with ease. The mk3/3.5 Focus I drove part way down was not as comfy to drive (I was in agony after driving it for an hour). The Vivaro isn't half bad! Sure, it's missing some of the toys the Mondeo had (heated windscreen, auto lights & wipers, dual-zone climate control and push button start) but it has the essentials - bluetooth, cruise control/speed limiter and a good-enough sound system. The 1.6 engine is spritely enough (I haven't had the van fully laden, and probably never will) whilst still returning a reasonable MPG. Scunthorpe to Weymouth on about 35 litres of diesel. Only a couple more than the Mondeo. Yeah, there are some things that I miss about the Mondeo, but on the whole I am happy with the van! It also received its first stickers yesterday...just prior to swapping to Clare's plates (goes better with the company name)
  12. SeanW

    Does cruise control saving petrol?

    On motorways it definitely saved me did the speed limiter... I'll leave the reasoning for that to your imaginations 😂
  13. SeanW

    Things I Don't Like

    It's brand new, with 38 miles miles on the clock - including my test drive lol Spoke to a mate in the dealers workshop and he said that if anything is likely to go wrong, it's likely the turbo or clutch - and it'll be within the first definitely within warranty lol It does have adblue - shame my Dad isn't still driving...he would have happily "borrowed" the odd litre or two 😂😂 As for the business - started in April with Clare and it's exactly how we want it for the minute - a hobby that can fund itself and maybe the occasional treat 😁
  14. SeanW

    Things I Don't Like

    Sooo...Clare & I are looking at a van for our little business (printing stuff like mugs, vinyl for clothing and vinyl stickers). Using the insurance payout as a deposit. We're looking at 6-seat crew vans. And we've found almost the perfect teensy-tiny-ickle problem... It's a Vivaro. Only a 1.6, but it shifts well enough, is comfy, handles well for a vehicle of its size (L2H1) and is very competitively priced. But it's a Vauxhall... Gahh! I dunno..I hate myself for looking at Vauxhall...but it ticks so many boxes... The consolation I can find: it's a "eurobox" van, so not really a true Vauxhall...and it's not a stupidly named as half their car range (Mokka? Adam? Grandland? Eh?!)
  15. SeanW

    Things I Don't Like

    Pure stupidity and incompetence. One of my qualifications needs re-validating. Told my appointer, he booked me on a course...turns out it was the wrong course. Soo...joined ship a couple of weeks ago, it got picked up and they tried to organise for me to attend a course. Last week, the ship was up in Loch Striven - so the ship requested a course over in Glasgow. The office turned around and said if I did this course, then I'd have to go on leave and be put to the bottom of the list for appointing again. They booked me on a course this next Glasgow...the ship is in Plymouth. So, I've been sent home to go on the course and rejoin again next week. ...I need a new job...