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  1. Things I Do Like

    She is a lovely pup - 10 months old, currently sparked out on her sofa (well, she's claimed the entire living room ). We get a lot of compliments about her looks - my favourite is "Wow!! You have a wolf!!" (Google Timber Wolf and you'll see why lol). My missus says if we were closer to you, she'd jump at the chance!! Freya has the best bits of both (Husky/German Shepard) - although she can be a bit stubborn at times - very keen nose as well!!
  2. Things I Do Like

    It's fine...I'm taking the missus The dog is far too soft to be of any use (She's also eating ice in the picture...)
  3. Things I Do Like

    Soo I'm taking a trip up to South Ayrshire on Friday to go pick up some printing kit... There's 5 printers, a vinyl cutter and a few heat presses - all at an absolute bargain price! Might split it down and sell some of the stuff. He's also chucking in all of his leftover blanks for printing - even bigger bonus!!
  4. Things I Don't Like

    Waiting for somebody to come back online... Chap on another forum has posted saying he's retiring and selling a load of kit I want, at a very good price. He hasn't been online since about midday (according to his profile, about 10 minutes before I saw his post). To top it off, his inbox is full and I don't have an email address for him It's kit for a new business venture my partner and I are undertaking...we have some kit, but this extra stuff would really give us a boost!
  5. Coolant grand cmax

    Only problem is that when you reinstall the thermostat, you run the risk of introducing more air into the system. Also means that you can also inspect the thermostat housing for leaks under pressure. @Vinnyincent - I forgot to mention, when you're doing it - give the coolant hoses a gentle squeeze. You'll feel any air caught in the pipes.
  6. Coolant grand cmax

    Sounds like you have a massive airlock in the system!! Not sure of you have bleed points or not (last car I bled thr coolant system on was a Mk2 Punto lol). However, generally speaking the following should work: - Park facing up hill/ raise the front up higher than the rear - Crank up the cabin heater to full - Pop off the coolant cap - Run the engine long enough to bring it up to temperature Keeping a close eye on the coolant level!! Try pour it in gently so as to limit air bubbles forming in the fluid. You will most likely end up with it bubbling out and splashing everywhere. Make sure you throughly clean anywhere there has been anti-freeze! (Including the ground around you). The bittering agent (Bitrex) isn't as effective as the manufacturers think. My dog loves the stuff (it's used to prevent chewing as well...supposedly)
  7. Things I Don't Like

    The temperature in my cabin is currently 24.5C It's been around 19-20C for the last 6 weeks! I wouldn't mind, but the ship is sat in Falmouth! Not the Caribbean or Gulf...
  8. It's quite possible that they were an aftermarket fit. In which case, kits can be had for about a tenner on ebay, and don't take long to fit. If I remember rightly, most sensors on ebay require a 21mm hole. So if you have a 21mm hole already - you're laughing
  9. Things I Don't Like

    What a fun couple of months I've had! So, I've been fairly quiet on here for a while...good news: Work finally remembered me and appointed me to a ship...the brand spanking new RFA Tiderace Bad news: it's not going to sea whilst I'm appointed to her. Soo...I'm sat alongside in Falmouth staring wistfully out to sea. If you think the new carriers have problems...well... Not only that, I now have man flu! Even before all of that I was grumpy anyway! Slid on a patch of icy grass straight into a 45gal drum full of water. I now have a crease on the lip of my bonnet - perfectly highlighted by the missing paint! Then a very close friend of mine was blue-lighted over to Scunthorpe from Grimsby having had a stroke! (He's on the mend and doing well). I then slipped in the ice (taking my friend home after a few days in hospital) and clonked my elbow on my tow ball. Still hurts now a month later. I probably should mention it to the Med Tech onboard... Oh yeah...and they haven't been told when I'm due off! (Easy answer - I'm supernumeray and don't require a relief...I'll go when my 2 months is up!)
  10. My 2012 Mondeo has a speed limiter and cruise control max of about 115* *set to, not achieved
  11. Car Conundrums!

    Weeks at this rate Nope - good guesses though... I can't think of any more cryptic clues... But you certainly know about it when this thing doesn't work...not all the time, but during a regular routine (how regular depends on your habits)
  12. Lights and Insurance

    Small changes like that are unlikely to affect your insurance. The headlight bulbs won't affect your insurance at all - because they're legal and meet the OE spec, they don't care. I'm pretty sure it's the same with the interior LEDs. If in doubt, ring the insurance company.
  13. Holy thread resurrection Batman!! I mentioned the other week that my Cruise Control wasn't working properly. Quick Google said whip the airbag off, remove the switches and clean. Tried that, couldn't get the airbag to unclip - soo Google again...just tried the squirt method (ooo....Matron!) Roger me, it works!! Less than a penny's worth of spray and about 20 seconds work - awesome!!
  14. Car Conundrums!

    Ooo...forgot about this one lol All nope so far... I guess you want another clue? Gimme 10 to think of one lol
  15. Things I Don't Like

    That's the badger!! Today I survived the DRIU* with a stinking cold! (*Damage Repair Instructional Unit - damaged ship simulator...great fun, when you're not full of man-flu lol) Tomorrow, I get to be drowned again before being gassed and grilled on Wednesday, followed by more grilling on Thursday & Friday. ...the joys of Basic Sea Survival... (Not sure how much of this is a like though lol)