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  1. Home CCTV advice

    That's definitely a 2.5" drive in the pic!!
  2. Blower Resistor

    The later one's (2006 Fusion and a 2008 Fiesta) it's located behind the centre console, screw pointing to the drivers side, and for a rather large chap like myself - it's an absolute ***** to reach. There's a photo of me somewhere upside down in the drivers seat because it was the only way I could get my head in to see
  3. Things I Do Like

    So, my laptop decided to stop working over the weekend...resulting in me needing to rather quickly purchase a new one. Admittedly, an expense I really could have done without! But hey ho. It's a nice machine - my first Lenovo! Decided to go for an AMD chip this time. Primarily because of its improved onboard graphics that can work in tandem with the graphics card. So far, it's making a big difference in photo editing! Anyway...after spending 7 hours doing updates, I managed to get around to re-installing my printers etc. Few teething problems with those, tomorrow is another day. I've also checked the vinyl plotter works. I may have decided to add a vinyl sticker to the lid of my new machine...
  4. Blower Resistor

    Not on a Ka, but I have on a Fiesta and a Fusion. It is an absolute git to reach!
  5. Things I Don't Like

    Yup...one of those things I was always going to get around to doing... The hard drive is currently plugged into the OH's computer transferring all my documents to it.
  6. Things I Don't Like

    Laptop has decided to cease functioning. Power is definitely getting to the motherboard...it's just not doing anything with it!
  7. Car Conundrums!

    I was lol Just a checkup this time lol Dust cap is a no...1 more guess and I'll reveal the answer lol
  8. Things I Do Like

    Eggcellent! You must be eggstatic! It's truly eggstrodinary. Another feather for your cap. You really are clucky to have them - just don't put them all in one basket. And whatever you do - be careful crossing the road!! I'm sorry (not really)...I'll stop cracking the egg yolks.
  9. Things I Do Like

    Soo...umm...I'm starting to believe I'm really an adult... Not only am I moaning about the quality of dishwasher tablets and checking my credit score (considerably better than I thought it would be lol) but I'm just starting the mortgage application process with Clare. Still need to knock the owner/landlord down a couple of grand...cheeky sod asked to buy our caravan and then adds £2500 onto his asking price!! It's fine - he's near enough family - we'll beat him down He's debated selling for a while - but he's still emotionally attached to the house...he grew up here with his grandparents, and really struggled after they died. At long last he's managed to let go - but he'll only sell to us, which makes the whole haggling thing all the more amusing. I'll get Clare to give him a ring tomorrow and call him a knob lol (To be fair, we are being a bit cheeky with our initial offer ) Sooo yeah...growing up...being an adult. Next step pipe & slippers, moaning about the youth of today, comparing things to "back in my day" etc etc Also...puppy...she always brings a smile to my face!!
  10. Things you miss from the "GOOD OLD DAYS"

    My "Good old days" comments would only garner "What? You young whipper snapper, you!" type responses from you old farts
  11. First diesel car

    6l/100km is about 47mpg - not bad... The increase in consumption could be due to a DPF regeneration, or just as a result of a heavy right foot. I tend to ignore the instant fuel consumption - either use the average one or do it the old fashioned way (miles between fill ups and the amount of fuel you put in and a calculator lol). Driving shouldn't be all that different to a petrol - you may notice a difference in performance over all. They also don't rev as high as petrol engines. I know my 70mph rev-reading is the same as my partners 40mph (6-speed diesel vs 5-speed petrol). I can only guess what speed 3500rpm in my diesel gives (I'd guess somewhere around the 110mph mark?). No idea what the turbo is like on the 1.6, but I know the 2.0 has a bit - but you soon get used to it (to be fair, the thousand tonnes of crap in the boot probably don't help ). Just because it's a diesel doesn't mean you can't have fun! I recently took a trip up to Scotland and satnav took me across some awesome back roads! For a diesel, the Mondeo was brilliant - a nice little burble from the exhaust, fantastic handling considering the lump up front and the fact it's an estate and keep the revs up and the turbo spinning and you can quickly regain speed out of bends). I love my dirty diesel!! Bonus: it pulls like a train! Had an 1100kg caravan on the back in the Lake District - at no point was I holding anyone up!! (Save for the fact I was limited to 50mph on NSL roads lol) Best link to use: www.fordownersclub.co.uk This 'ere forum has saved me a lot of time, effort & money. But it's also cost me time, effort & money once I discovered the joys of tinkering lol
  12. Things I Don't Like

    Not that I know of. The previous owner had a private plate on it, he then swapped that to his van and I believe it was the original reg that was put back on it. I have the old plates somewhere in the back of the shed...
  13. Things I Don't Like

    It sounds like it, yeah. I've scanned a shed load of things in for Clare - V5 for both registrations, V750 for the personalised plate, the NIP (just for good measure) and I've also attached a list of meeting attendees from cadets, photos of all 4 sides of the car. I've even written the email for her - I have been good! It is very polite and very detailed. Certainly more so than Clare's response when she opened the letter yesterday ("Well, that's wrong! I've never F... been to Porthmadog!")
  14. Things I Don't Like

    Soo...my dearly beloved rang up about her NIP this morning. Apparently, the car isn't registered in her name (eh?), it was the old number plate that pinged - not the new one, and they don't know exactly what model of car it was... They have, however given us an email address so we can at least scan & send copies of the documemts. Also worked out where we were that day...we had a short-notice meeting at cadets around lunchtime, so if I can grab the attendance log, that'll be another bonus!
  15. Things I Don't Like

    Unfortunately not...there is in my car! It's a long shot, but neighbour across the road has CCTV that might show Clare's car on the road outside of the house. But I think it was on the drive, and I think we used my car...which...I'm gonna check the footage on my camera... EDIT: Overwritten, and the date format is out for some reason